Love is in the air with our Valentine’s Day treats. Enjoy up to 25% off and Gift with Purchase.

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Wine, Dine and Romance

Indulge in a night of wine & dine this Valentine’s Day. Purchase any 2 bottles of Orin Swift, Louis M. Martini and l’usine & receive 2 complimentary E.J. Gallo wine glasses.

Orin Swift


Louis M. Martini

Cocktail Enchantment

Cosy up this Valentine’s Day with a Ferdinand’s Vermouth & Tonic – light, refreshing and bubbly! 2 free bottles of East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic (150ml) for every bottle purchase of Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth.

Ferdinand's Rose Vermouth


Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth


Our Riesling based Rosé Vermouth is the perfect homage to our blossom rich springs and long warm summers in the Saar valley. The bitter sweet symphony is carefully crafted with hand-picked Riesling grapes and regional botanicals such as homegrown rhubarb, red vineyard peach, grape flowers, bitter orange, cranberry, elderflower and passion flower.

Cocktail ideas :

 Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth & Tonic

  • 50ml Ferdinand´s Rosé Vermouth
  • 100ml Grapefruit Tonic Water
  • Grapefruit wheel (garnish)

Pour Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth and grapefruit tonic water into an ice-filled highball or rock glass. Gently stir together. Garnish with grapefruit wheel.


Ultimate Gift Pack

Add a personal touch to your valentine’s gift by customizing your own Handpicked wines gift pack!

[Mix & Match] Ultimate Valentine's Handpicked Wines Gift Pack

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[Mix & Match] Australian Handpicked Wines 2 Bottles Pack

Handpicked is a contemporary and dynamic Australian wine company with a unique business model. Unlike most wineries, we do not limit ourselves to one region or style. Instead we aim to lead wine lovers on a journey through the world’s fine wine regions. We invite you to travel the world, one wine at a time…

Customize your own Australian Handpicked Wines 2 Bottles Gift Pack with any of the available wine selections.

Wine Selections (Select Any 2)

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Handpicked Regional Selection Rosé 2018
Handpicked Regional Selection Rosé 2019
Bottle_Handpicked Wines Regional Selection - Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Handpicked Regional Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Bottle_Handpicked Wines Regional Selection - Chardonnay 2017
Handpicked Regional Selection Chardonnay 2018
Bottle_Handpicked Wines Regional Selection - Pinot Noir 2016
Handpicked Regional Selection Pinot Noir 2018
Handpicked Regional Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2019
Bottle_Handpicked Wines Regional Selection - Shiraz 2015
Handpicked Regional Selection Shiraz 2017
Bottle_Handpicked Wines Collection - Chardonnay 2016
Handpicked Collection Chardonnay 2016
Handpicked Collection Pinot Noir 2018
Bottle_Handpicked Wines Collection - Cabernet Sauvignon
Handpicked Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Handpicked Capella Vineyard Chardonnay 2016
Handpicked Capella Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017

Rosy Delights