La Maison Fontaine® is an ultra-premium range of Absinthe products. Winner of Blanche Absinthe IWSC Gold and Best in Class. La Maison Fontaine®‘s range of Absinthe products are handcrafted amongst the beautiful Jura Mountains in Pontarlier France – a place renowned for its Absinthe history.

La Maison Fontaine® has been masterfully refined using a range of natural herbs. Some we’re keeping secret, others we’re happy to shout about – notably, our world-renowned Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe, which, together with green anise and fennel, is the “holy trinity” of any real absinthe.

La Maison Fontaine® Absinthe is distilled in the world’s oldest absinthe stills – handcrafted by our distiller in accordance with more than 100 years of tradition. Our distillery actually produced absinthe prior to the French absinthe ban in 1915.

You’ve heard about the Green Fairy – La Fee Verte. Our take on the green fairy is called Fontaine Verte. We did however start out with a white fairy – Fontaine Blanche. A clear absinthe. The Blanche style became increasingly popular after the absinthe ban in certain European countries, as it was easier for bootleg distillers and smugglers to hide a clear liquid from the authorities than a greenish one.

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