“If we make good sake, people will support it.” That’s been our motto since Kokuryu was founded in 1804 in the mountains of Fukui. It’s an ancient land, nestled between snowy peaks and the Sea of Japan, not far from the main Soto Zen temple Eihei-ji. From a long tradition of sake brewing, Kokuryu today stands as one of the region’s few survivors. We grow our own rice. We seek out special yeasts. And we strive for the best in brewing and maturation, hand-crafting only the highest-caliber sakes in small batches.

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Kokuryu Kuzuryu Daiginjo (Gohyakumangoku)

This Daiginjo-shu is best drunk warm.  While premium Daiginjo are usually not drunk warm, Kuzuryuu Daiginjo was created in 2004 as a Daiginjo specially for warm sake. Enjoy it warm for a deep, refined flavor that has matured over time. It has a gorgeous aroma characteristic of daiginjo-shu, and an elegant and delicate aroma. Recommended way to drink: Chill to 5 - 10 degree Celsius or warm it to 40 - 45 degree Celsius Tasting Notes: Fresh, fruity, and smooth when cold, Round and fullbody when warm. Food pairing:cold - sashimi, sushi, and fresh cheese. Warm - Tampura, meat dishes, grilled and fired foods Grade Daiginjo Rice Fukui Gohyakumangoku Rice Polishing Ratio 50% rice polishing Alcohol content 15 degrees Nihonshu-do +4 Acidity: 1.0 Production Region Fukui Prefecture

Kokuryu Jungin Junmai Ginjo Gohyakkumankoku

Kokuryū Jungin Junmai Ginjō (黒龍 純吟) is made of Gohyakumangoku rice produced in Fukui Prefecture and milled to 55%. The natural flavour of the Gohyakumangoku reveals a refreshing character with deep umami. The harmony of taste and fragrance creates a depth of flavour that is rich, dynamic and mysterious. Grade Junmai Ginjo Rice Fukui Gohyakumangoku Rice Polishing Ratio 55% rice polishing Alcohol content 15.5 degrees Nihonshu-do +4.5 Production Region Fukui Prefecture

Kokuryu Daiginjo Ryu

After the founder returned from France, he applied wine aging to sake and released it in 1975. At the time, it was the most expensive sake in Japan, which was a turning point for the brewery. It was also the first in the industry to use the now-common expression "Daiginjo”. At that time, a label with a dragon stamped in gold foil was used on the sake bag used to press the sake. Neither sweet nor spicy, it is soft on the palate and enhances food with its aroma and balanced taste. This is a rare sake, where a limit on the number of purchases per customer in Japan is imposed. Recommended way to drink: Chill to 5 - 10 degree Celsius Tasting Notes: Well-rounded, gently aromatic and surprisingly incisive. Food pairing: Sashimi, sushi and fresh cheese. Grade Daiginjo Rice Yamada Nishiki Rice Polishing Ratio 40% rice polishing Alcohol content 16 degrees Nihonshu-do +4 Production Region Fukui Prefecture

Kokuryu Kuzuryu Eto Daiginjo

The Chinese zodiac sign for the year of 2022 is Tiger, which comes around once every 36 years and is said to be a year of strong luck. The tiger is known for its good luck, as it is said to "go a thousand miles and come back a thousand miles," meaning that what goes away will come back. To celebrate the start of the new year, we have bottled freshly pressed Junmai Daiginjo sake in a bottle with the Chinese zodiac sign written by the late Dr. Inamura Undo, who supported the Kokuryu Brewery since its early days of ginjo brewery.

Kokuryu Fuku Daiginjo Yamadanishiki

It is a daiginjo-shu made with 50% polished Yamada Nishiki. It has a rich and full ginjo aroma with a clear and gentle finish. It is packaged in a special lacquered box decorated with the character "Fuku" written by calligrapher Juichi Yoshikawa. There is a theory that the character for "fortune" originated when people offered a barrel of sake to the gods and prayed for happiness. It is believed that the prayers and sake come together. This sake is very suitable for gifting to someone special in your life. Tasting Notes: Intense and concentrated ginjo aroma, clear and delicate flavour with hints of sweetness on the palate, medium bodied, recommended to drink chilled at 5-10°C. Rice Polishing: 50% SMV: +4.0 Region of Origin: Fukui Prefrecture Rice: Yamadanishi 山田錦

Kokuryu Kansha

This is a limited edition Junmai Daiginjo which uses SAKAHOMARE rice from Fukui. With an aroma of fresh melon, this saké portrays a multi-layered sweetness of rice with an elegant and transparent taste profile. It is stamped with the “gratitude” of seal engraver Mr. Inamura Inamura, and is used as a mark of Junmai Daiginjo brewed with “Sakahomare” sake rice produced in Fukui. This is the perfect saké to express your gratitude to someone else (or yourself). 40% polished rice Sakahomare junmai daiginjo sake from Fukui Prefecture SMV: +1.0 Seasonal product, limited quantity

Kokuryu Daiginjo

Using one of the most popular production methods, this sake expressed itself in its fullest, with a rich and fruity aroma. This is one of the best selections of daiginjo made in the cold season. Crystal Dragon is made from domestically grown rice in a gradual low-temperature fermentation process. Kokuryu’s proprietary yeast gives it a graceful aroma and clean taste. This sake is immensely popular as a gift. Recommended way to drink: Chill to 5 - 10 degree Celsius Tasting Notes: Fresh, fruity and smooth. Food pairing: Sashimi, sushi and fresh cheese. Grade Daiginjo Rice Yamada Nishiki Rice Polishing Ratio 50% rice polishing Alcohol content 16 degrees Nihonshu-do +4 Production Region Fukui Prefecture