Born and bred in Melbourne, Starward was inspired to create a spirit that reflects Its home town – from its culture to its famed ‘four seasons in a day’ temperature swings. It is a city surrounded by some of Australia’s leading wine regions – all within a day’s drive and is regarded as the microbrewing capital of Australia.

It seems obvious now that all the ingredients for a modern Australian whisky were close by, but in 2007, when we first started, the idea of an approachable, affordable Australian whisky – served neat or as a cocktail with food – was a big leap of faith.

While Australia had a well established small-scale ultra-premium whisky scene, Starward pioneered an affordable, approachable and distinctly Australian whisky exclusively matured in Australian wine barrels.

The result is Starward. A modern Australian whisky, elementally matured for three “Melbourne years,” that pushes the boundaries of what whisky can be.

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