Just as the tri-border region of Western Germany combines geographically and culturally to create its own unique character, so, two brothers Denis Reinhardt and Erik Wimmers started a collaboration on the banks of the River Saar with their friends Andreas Vallendar of the 200 Years old Avadis Distillery, and Dorothee Zilliken of the 300 years old Zilliken Estate winery. The Ferdinand’s Gin story began among the ancient vines in 2013.

Named after the first local Royal Prussian District Forester Forester, Ferdinand Geltz, the Ferdinand’s brand takes its inspiration from the bountiful terroir of the Saar region. A timeless design and exquisite attention to detail in the crafting of the liquid, build upon a historical legacy of fine wines from world‘s most famous Riesling wine region.

Ferdinand’s is a true labour of love from the verdant valleys and vineyards of the Saar area in Western Germany. It’s unique process and botanical profile give it a quality and personality which set it apart from all other premium gins.

Ferdinand’s is craft distilled and hand bottled at the 5th generation Avadis Distillery in the beautiful Saar-mosel region of Western Germany. At its heart is a blend of locally grown and hand-picked vineyard botanicals and herbs. It is given a final, fruity flourish with the infusion of the finest Riesling wines from the nearby Zilliken Estate – Germany’s best wine makers 2016. Together with Egon müller and JJ Prüm estate, The Zillikens are one of the Top 3 Riesling estates worldwide, wine enthusiasts are the Top target group.

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