The Gardener

The Gardener is the result of a friendship between the Famille Perrin and Brad Pitt, sharing a same passion for a special place – the French Riviera. Blessed by the gods, the French Riviera is a place dreamers and artists from all corners of the earth have sought for centuries, enchanted by its marvelous biodiversity and its unique art-de-vivre.

Crafted by the renowned Gin Master Tom Nichol, with a vision to achieve of a perfect gin, each of The Gardener’s ingredients has been chosen with an uncompromising sense of quality. Tom’s recipe is a unique creation distilled with fresh citruses – bitter orange Bigarade, sweet orange and pink grapefruit – grown locally and organically in the heart of the French Riviera.

Fresh and soft, subtle and pure, The Gardener is a study in elegance and harmony—the very image of nature itself.

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The Gardener Gin


FRENCH RIVIERA GIN True, Bold, Unexpected. Handcrafted by Brad Pitt, Tom Nichol and the Famille Perrin.

Elegant, pure and modern reviving the tradition of great London Dry Gin. Made in France & Organic.

COLOUR: Crystal Clear NOSE: Pleasant juniper taste with a well-balanced citruses blackcurrants and mint background PALATE: Mouth texture sublime and smooth. Perfectly straight balanced between juniper and citrus sneaking to the front END: Smooth and beautiful length lasting for ages

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