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Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth

$39.00 $35.10
Our Riesling based Rosé Vermouth is the perfect homage to our blossom rich springs and long warm summers in the Saar valley. The bitter sweet symphony is carefully crafted with hand-picked Riesling grapes and regional botanicals such as homegrown rhubarb, red vineyard peach, grape flowers, bitter orange, cranberry, elderflower and passion flower. Cocktail ideas :  Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth & Tonic
  • 50ml Ferdinand´s Rosé Vermouth
  • 100ml Grapefruit Tonic Water
  • Grapefruit wheel (garnish)
Pour Ferdinand’s Rose Vermouth and grapefruit tonic water into an ice-filled highball or rock glass. Gently stir together. Garnish with grapefruit wheel.

Gonzalez Byass Vina AB Amontillado

$40.00 $36.00
Pale amber in colour and bone dry on the palate, Viña AB is a young, dry Amontillado with delicate almond and hazelnut flavours and is an excellent match for nuts, white meat and seafood.

Juji Asahi Shuzo Ororchi No Mai Junmai-Shu Clear Nama R2 (2020)

$75.00 $67.50
We used Koshihikari rice grown in Sada-machi, Izumo City. The aim of the brewing process was to bring out the "character" of Koshihikari rice. This sake is dry, clean and refreshing.  Its subtle aroma and umami flavour is excellent for food pairing. Recommended to serve at 5℃~15℃, and pair with sushi.
  • Rice Type : 100% Koshihikari
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 65%
  • Sake Meter Value : +12

Tanaka Shuzo Daiginjo Shirasagi No Shiro 37

$128.00 $115.20
Displays good intensity and structure on the palate with smooth sensation of Honjozo. Recommended to serve at 14℃ in a wine glass. Recommended to serve at 14℃ in a wine glass, and pair with foie gras terrine and quince chutney.
  • Rice Type : 100% Yamadanishiki
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 37%
  • Sake Meter Value : +2

Kokuryu Kuzuryu Eto Daiginjo

The Chinese zodiac sign for the year of 2022 is Tiger, which comes around once every 36 years and is said to be a year of strong luck. The tiger is known for its good luck, as it is said to "go a thousand miles and come back a thousand miles," meaning that what goes away will come back. To celebrate the start of the new year, we have bottled freshly pressed Junmai Daiginjo sake in a bottle with the Chinese zodiac sign written by the late Inamura Undo, who supported the Kokuryu Brewery since its early days.

Juji Asahi Shuzo Junmai Daiginjo Jujiasahi Yamadanishiki Fukurozuri Tobingakoi Genshu

$198.00 $178.20
Yamada Nishiki rice is polished to less than half its original size and fermented slowly and carefully. Every drop was diligently collected out from the dripping back. It is a superb shizuku-shu (dripped sake), which is semi dry, crisp and refreshing with pronounced umami flavours. Recommended to serve at 10℃~25℃, and pair with light appetizers. Comes with a wooden box.
  • Rice Type : 100% Yamadanishiki
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 45%
  • Sake Meter Value : +3.5

DAN BLACK PREMIUM Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo AIYAMA 38

Is brewed using only superb premium “AIYAMA” rice cultivated in Hyogo prefecture together with Mount Fuji’s water. Aiyama rice is a top quality rice that began cultivation in Hyogo in 1949. It is challenging to grow and production is small, making this a RARE & Limited Edition sake. Pleasant acidity of sake made by Yamahai’s technique that derives the umami from highly polished rice ratio. A sake with a subtle aroma derived from traditional yeast, making it versatile in pairing with a large variety of dishes. This is an elegant sake that brings out the richness of Aiyama rice which is excellent for food pairing. It comes in a black bottle which signifies its premium status. Traditionally, black and blue bottles are strictly for high grade sakes only. The dark colour blocks out UV rays from the sun, thus preventing undesired aging and retains the flavours in the bottle. Awarded GOLD medal at Kura Master 2020, held in France on 31 August 2020. Produced in limited quantity, this sake is presented in an elegant gift box, this is not only a perfect gift to relatives and friends, it is also a great bottle to share at dinner. Only 60 bottles are available.