Finlandia is a brand of vodka produced in Finland from Finnish-grown six-row barley and glacial spring water.
At the Koskenkorva facility in western Finland, initial distillation of the fermented six-row barley takes place in seven columns with an average height of 25 meters using Altia’s multi-pressure distilling system. Any remaining impurities, including lethal methanol as well as fusel alcohols and oils, are removed as the grain spirit is moved in a continuous process through more than 200 distillation steps. The entire production process, from grain mashing until the final neutral spirit flows out of the column, takes approximately 50 hours.

The final product, a grain spirit 96.5% by volume, is then transported about 315 kilometers (196 miles) south to the historic alcoholic beverage plant in the village of Rajamäki near Helsinki. The barley distillate is diluted with glacial water from the Rajamäki spring and bottled. Because the water is naturally filtered through sand and moraine formed by retreating glaciers during the Ice Age, no deionization, osmosis treatment or other artificial purification is used — unlike with some other vodkas. The cooling and heating water used throughout the process is recirculated in a closed system to efficiently control temperature and keep water use to a minimum.

Finlandia vodka is distributed in 135 countries and is widely associated with Finland on the international market.

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Finlandia Vodka

Embodying the best of Finland, our award-winning vodka originates from pristine nature, made from pure, glacial spring water and the finest Suomi barley, grown under the midnight sun. State-of-the-art distillation transforms these untreated, natural ingredients into the smooth, crisp taste of Finlandia Vodka, encased in the premium design of our ice-inspired bottle. The Finnish Midnight Sun is an integral part of the Finlandia process, ripening native barley in untainted northern soil during the short growing season where the sun does not set for 73 straight days. Finnish barley has the highest-quality starch and the lowest content of natural oils in any grain, resulting in Finlandia’s dry, light, and smooth taste with a gentle aroma.


The light and delicate Finnish vodka meets the bold flavour of the espresso

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