Waipara West is the trading and brand name of Tutton Sienko Hill, a family partnership of Paul Tutton, Olga Sienko, Vic Tutton and Lindsay Hill.Theypurchased Waipara West in 1989 knowing that, although it was an unsuccessful rabbit infested, sheep farm, it had a combination of factors suitable for the production of quality grapes. Being further inland and higher than existing Waipara vineyards, it was hotter and less frost prone due to natural air movement caused by the river and the sloping terraces. Only then did theyrealise that the farm had been previously owned by theirfamily some hundred years before.Waipara West, a geographically correct name but actually called after our weather station, is situated on sunny stony north facing terraces along the Waipara River some seven miles inland from the Pacific Ocean and nestling in the foothills of the Southern Alps.

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Waipara West Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Smelling this wine, you are instantly saturated with lofty aromas of passionfruit sherbet and sweet florals. Asian herbs like lemongrass and Thai basil add a savoury backdrop. Dry river bed and salt crust provide further earthy complexity. Full and juicy in the mouth ripe tropical fruit like richness flows through to a textured and cleansing granny smith finish with a stain like persistence.

Waipara West N Block Chardonnay 2018

Pale golden kiwifruit in colour with hues of green and silver. On the nose, this wine is truly multi-layered however, all of them are somewhat understated. Fresh pineapple and sea salted cracker at first, perfumed white flower and white tea in the centre, all sitting on a base of malt toffee. These aromas combine and evolve into a vast number of flavours in the mouth. Ripe peach and lemon meringue define the taste, due to a combination of full-bodied mouthfeel, cleansing acidity and a bite on the finish. A rich complex wine.

Waipara West N Block Chardonnay 2020

A clear pale lemon core with a gold hue and flecks of green and silver. The aroma of the wine is truly multi-layered. It shows fresh lime and lemon, white stone fruit and fragrant almond blossom mixed with malt biscuit and underlying mineral notes. Ripe peach and nectarine with key lime and yuzu drive the palate. A luscious full-bodied mouthfeel from aging on fine lees gives flavours of malty cheesecake crust combined with a crunchy mineral finish and hints of salted caramel.

Waipara West Two Terrace Pinot Noir 2017

Crimson and pink flashes against a plummy red base. Aromatics of currant pastries, woody spice’s, and manuka leaf, leading to notes of forest undergrowth and florals. Moderate fruit sweetness, fine tannin and restrained volume allow savoury elements to splice evenly into the tart red fruit. A very enjoyable aromatic pinot noir, with good fruit density.

Waipara West Pinot Noir 2018

Estate grown on 3 blocks with differing soil structure, wind exposure and clones – early 1980’s selections from St Helena and more recent Dijon clones. The colour is an attractive, very bright ruby garnet with distinct crimson hues at the rim. Aromatically it is as striking as it is seductive. Bright red fruits - raspberry, strawberry and Morello cherry have immediate impact with an equally impressive array of oriental spices - anise and clove. Ripe seed aromas of almond kernel and cherry stone lift the nose. Time reveals an inner core of darker black cherry, and just a hint of bramble all kept in check by some very attractive yet subtle French oak. The palate is soft, silken and warm but with a certain nervosité which is to say that as a young wine it may appear both bright in acidity and forward in tannins, but that’s just for starters. Those are simply the framework in which the wine is cradled, the fruit depth is palpable, the Pinosity generous and its presence authoritative.