Inspired by the ‘Mantuanos’, Venezuelan noblemen in the 19th century renowned for their discernment and diplomacy. They travelled widely, trading local artisanal goods, and became trusted local ambassadors who championed their region wherever they went. True diplomats of the era, their story inspired our name. The Diplomático distillery is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela, where the purest waters flow. This location was also carefully selected for its proximity to the main sugar cane processing plants.

The distillery is unique in that it houses three different distillation processes that, combined with mastery in the art of blending, produce iconic rums such as the world-acclaimed Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva. Diplomático places a high value on quality and authenticity in the production process, supporting employees and the local community, and protecting the environment through its "Distilled Consciously" platform with sustainable production practices. Indeed, as part of Diplomático's philosophy, respecting and protecting the environment has always been one of its main objectives.

In 2023, Diplomático Rum is acquired by Brown-Forman and continues its growth journey. Consistently ranked among the finest rums in the world.

1. Spirit Brand of the Year - Wine Enthusiast

2. No.1 Top Trending Rum in 2023

3. Top 10 Best Selling Rum in 2023

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Diplomatico Ambassador

Well balanced and complex profile that develops into a long, warm, and rolling finish. Colour: Bright, dark Amber Nose: Notes of port wine, cigar, dried fruits and chocolate. Palate: Raisin, nutmeg, and toasted oak notes leading into a long pleasing aftertaste.

Serving Suggestion: Best enjoyed neat.

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Diplomatico Single Vintage 2007

Bold and balanced aromas of vanilla, caramel, dried fruit, and hints of sherry for a rich taste profile. Colour: Dark Amber Nose: Smoked wood, coffee and chocolate, followed by vanilla notes and ripe fruits. Palate: Well-rounded and incredibly flavorsome. Pronounced mellow finish with hints of red fruits.

Serving Suggestion: Best enjoyed neat.

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Diplomatico Seleccion De Familia

A sophisticated sipping rum that embodies the passion, dedication, and know-how of a unique artisanal tradition of rum making. The rums with the most sophisticated nuances are selected and undertake an exhaustive tasting process to create this exquisite blend. Colour: Dark Amber Nose: Sugarcane, honey and red fruits, followed by notes of vanilla and oak. Palate: Wood and plum combine with toffee notes for a well-rounded, long-lasting finish.
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Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

A refined and elegant blend of exclusive rum reserves masterfully crafted. It boast aromas of orange peel, toffee and licorice, giving this refined rum a signature smooth taste. Marrying a unique body with excellent balance, this multi-award winning rum** is a true reference for fine spirits lovers throughout the world. Perfect to enjoy neat or in sophisticated cocktails. Colour: Amber Nose: Toffee, orange peel and licorice Palate: Complex and well-balanced, with oak and vanilla notes for a long-lasting finish.
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Diplomatico Planas

A unique white rum, aged and then carefully charcoal-filtered to get a clear color while retaining depth of flavor. Named after an area nestled at the foot of the Andes Mountains, it draws its smooth and complex flavor from this privileged land. Planas is ideal for elevating classic rum cocktails, being a favorite among mixologists who want to elevate the complexity, quality, and flavor profile of their cocktails. Colour: Clear Nose: Fresh and tropical aromas like ground coffee and coconut Palate: Fruity flavours with a silky texture that lead to a delicate and pronounced finish.
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Diplomatico Mantuano

A complex and versatile blend of authentic rums. Its refined taste is inspired by the “mantuanos”, Venezuelan nobleman in the 19th century renowned for their discernment and good taste. Mantuano is the ideal choice for rum-lovers who want to elevate their drinks in everyday occasions. Colour: Dark golden Nose: Dried fruits and oak notes Palate: Vanilla and delicate spiciness, leading to a balanced and slightly dry finish.
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