Established in 1998 by Francesco Illy, heir to the famous Illy coffee empire family, this winery is made up of 75 acres of biodynamic vineyards that are set across two opposite mountainsides and nestled between a forest, olive groves, a vegetable garden, and fruit trees. Located in the stunning Tuscan landscape of Montalcino, the views from the winery are breath-taking, taking in great swathes of the surrounding landscape.

Beginning back in 1998 with the site in Castelnuovo dell’Abate on the eastern side of Montalcino, the winery was since expanded in 2017 to an additional site at Il Galamppio for vineyards on the western side. Both sides boast uncontaminated oceanic soil, but with each belonging to different geological areas, as well as pure air, all of which gives the vineyards optimal conditions to grow the ideal raw ingredients necessary to produce delicious wines.

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