J. Denuzière
Since 1876, Maison Denuzière has been located in the heart of Condrieu. Today, J. Denuzière perpetuates its legacy in this same place where many generations have followed one another with a common passion: wine.
J.Denuzière is the owner of plots called 'Tinal' and 'En Sauman' in Condrieu and Cornas and finds the most beautiful terroirs in the northern Rhône valley, from St Peray to Ampuis.
The winemaking methods are gentle and natural, resulting in unique micro-cuvées where each cru finds its style and its own character.

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J. Denuzière Hermitage 2020

They show a deep, intense, ruby red colour. As they age, these robust, full-bodied wines become remarkably smooth and supple. They have good ageing potential of around 10 years, during which time the better vintages develop exquisite notes of violet, spice and cassis. 100 % Syrah
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J. Denuzière Côte-Rôtie 2020

Its superb ruby red colour, its complex, elegant nose of spice, red and black berry fruit and violets, its full body and impeccable pedigree make this a highly sought-after wine. 100 % Syrah
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J. Denuzière Cornas 2020

Scorched earth, leather, pepper, and camphor, followed by red and blue fruits that blossom with time in the glass. Medium to full-bodied, it’s ripe, has polished tannins, no hard edges, and a great finish. 100 % Syrah
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J. Denuzière Saint-Joseph Rouge 2020

This stony, deeply mineral Syrah balances crisp cassis and black-cherry flavours against a deeply earthen core. It’s opulent in texture but stately, uplifted by tangs of salt, iron and granite. 100 % Syrah
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J. Denuzière Crozes-Hermitage Rouge 2021

Syrah gives a good balance of fruit and tannins. The wines are soft and smooth, deep garnet-red in colour with scents of red berries and florals, although some winemakers prefer a more robust, although still very charming, style. These wines will keep for a short time, but can be enjoyed young. While young, they have good freshness, acquiring musky, spicy, leathery notes over time. 100 % Syrah
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J. Denuzière Condrieu 2020

Viognier is the only varietal grown in Condrieu, and makes smooth, generous wines. These are a pale, golden colour with a glimmer of green, and are both fresh and highly aromatic. Scents include floral perfumes, particularly violets, and fruity notes of mango, white peach and apricot. At their peak, there is also a discernible touch of musk, gingerbread and tobacco. 100 % Viognier
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J. Denuzière Saint-Joseph Blanc 2021

The wines are well-balanced and full of flavour, yellow in colour with a glimmer of green and a structure that changes according to the planting. Marsanne requires a dry, hot climate with plenty of sunshine, but is robust and vigorous and can thrive in the poorest of soils. Its wines are powerful, with medium acidity. Floral aromas develop on ageing, alongside notes of hazelnuts. 100% Marsanne
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J. Denuzière Crozes-Hermitage Blanc 2021

They are dry, yet full-bodied and balanced. They have attractive floral aromas with a hint of dried fruit. 80% Marsanne 20% Roussanne
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