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Starward Nova

  • NOSE \ Bold flavours of red berries, dark chocolate and orchard fruit.
  • PALATE \ Rich chocolate raspberry pudding covered in vanilla, caramel and spice.
  • FINISH \ Bright red fruit is gradually accompanied by a touch of oak with a soft, long finish.
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Starward Two-Fold

  • NOSE \ Bright tropical fruits, mixed red berries, vanilla and cereal.
  • PALATE \ A great balance of red fruit and vanilla with a nice cereal and toasty backbone.
  • FINISH \ Delicate and long. A delicious, well-rounded palate that makes Two-Fold perfect for drinking neat or in your favorite cocktails.
Food Pairing: Simple seafood dishes (eg, Sashimi), Truffle, Rotisseries Chicken, Saucy Beef Ragu, Osso Bucco and Desserts like Rich Dark Chocolate, Caramel or Sticky Date Pudding
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Starward Unexpeated

Starward Whisky has fused the new world Australian way with old world Scottish expertise to craft UNEXPEATED, a new red wine barrel aged Australian single malt whisky, finished in peated whisky-drenched barrels from the finest distilleries in Islay, Scotland. For the first time, whisky drinkers will taste coastal, peaty, smoky flavour in Starward’s signature fruit-forward whisky. Now that’s UNEXPEATED! Our juicy, tropical Starward flavours have taken on peat smoke character, in this latest release. On your tongue, subtle sweet peat melds with red-wine-barrel red berries and sticky golden peaches. You’ll discover coastal peat in the aroma and a lingering smouldering dry finish too. Nose: Tropical fruits, toasted oak and a hint of sweet peat. Palate: Ripe red berries, coastal peat smoke, yellow peaches and cocoa nibs. Finish: Oak slowly dries the palate, with a long peated finish after.
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Starward Solera

  • NOSE \ Ripe orchard fruits, raisins, toffee and vanilla.
  • PALATE \ Caramel chews, creme brûlée, ripe banana, figs and a touch of nougat.
  • FINISH \ Juicy with a full palate raisins and a touch of oak.
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Starward (New) Old Fashioned Cocktail

A good Old Fashioned is notoriously difficult to get just right. Instead, we've put in the hard yards for you. This no fuss, new world take on a classic cocktail will let you indulge your tastebuds without having to play bartender all night. Expertly crafted by our top Starward distillers and bartenders. We take our signature single malt and add house-made wattle seed and orange bitters and demerara sugar. The perfect mellow balance of spice with just a hint of sweetness. Nose: Rich vanilla and orange, lifted by aromatic bitters, spices and bright citrus. Palate: Decadent and full bodied, balanced by dry wattle seed, red fruit, orange and coffee. Finish: A long finish, sweet, dry and balanced. Pour over ice with a twist of orange. With 10 serves in a bottle, it's great at a BBQ with steak, sardines or chicken.
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Starward 100 Proof

  • NOSE \ Upfront aromas of Madagascan vanilla pods, rich toasted American oak, blackberry jam, raisins, dried fig, and over ripe plums.
  • PALATE \ Rich and full bodied, vanilla, quince paste, Muscadelle raisins, chocolate ganache, cinnamon and baked banana bread.
  • FINISH \ Viscous and long. Capturing the whole palate and balanced well with a finish of baking spices from the oak and ripe figs and raisins.
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Starward Coffee Old Fashioned Cocktail

Pour over ice with a twist of orange peel to garnish. Best served with chocolatey dessert or tiramisu. One word of warning though. Bring this to a party, and it might just steal the limelight. Nose: Intense coffee, vanilla with a hint of orange peel. Palate: Coffee forward followed by dark chocolate and cacao. Finish: Vanilla and light roasted coffee bean.
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Starward Dolce

Dolce, a single, limited release, is a melding of juicy wine and oak characters with a flourish of sweet ‘Sicilian’ notes; marshmallow and cola. A twice distilled single malt spirit. Made with Australian barley and brewers' yeast for extra flavour. This Single Malt Australian Whisky was matured in Australian red wine barrels and then finished in barrels that held an Australian interpretation of a Sicilian Dessert Wine. It is the newest release from the Starward Projects, a program where distillers get to experiment with different whiskies and create flavour forward and unique expressions. That is why Dolce is unlike any released before. Intriguing marshmallow and cola characters melding with the Starward stamp of red wine barrel maturation, it is an embodiment of the Italian word for sweet, Dolce. This one's a stunning straight sipper, especially with a cheeseboard, after dinner or just as your dessert! Nose: Dried fruits, toasted marshmallows, and marzipan. Palate: Initial sweetness on the front palate, rich dried fruits, brown sugar, cola and toasted marshmallows. Finish: Palate is viscous, caramelised but enough tannin leaving a well-balance finish.
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Starward Ginger Beer Cask #7



Ginger Beer Cask #7 is back filled with the zingy goodness that you have been longing for. Crafted with Starward's signature single malt whisky, our Ginger Beer Cask is finished in barrels that once held our distillery made ginger beer.
Nose: Ginger, orange and dark chocolate. Palate: Strong spicy ginger, fresh vanilla and pineapple, balanced by sweet raisins and fig. Finish: A big, warming mouthfeel with candied ginger and citrus.
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Starward Octave Barrels

Starward Octave Barrels is a single malt Australian whisky which has been fully matured in 100L wine barrels called “Octaves”. The Octave wine barrels, that inspired the name for this release, were sourced from Yalumba – a family-owned Australian winery, located in the heart of Australian’s famed Barossa wine region, and were used to produce their iconic Octavius Old Vine Shiraz. Aroma: Rich, full bodied expression. Lots of red fruit, raisins, ripe peach, caramel and toasty oak. Palate: Viscous and long, dark forest fruits, and a toasted oak backbone. Finish: Toasted marshmallow.
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Starward Tawny #2

Captivating fragrances of raisin, dried orange, fig leaves and toasted oak drift through. A swirling of nutmeg, brown sugar and a rich dried fruit sweetness on the palate. Cosy spices deliver a slow and lingering finish. A rival to Nan’s fruit cake? Irresistibly so! Aroma: Dried fruit /raisins, toasty oak, fig and dried orange. Palate: Initial sweetness on the front palate, rich dried fruits, brown sugar and nutmeg. Finish: Palate slowly dries from the spice leaving a well-balanced finish. Food Pairing: Roast Turkey with Duck Fat Potatoes, Christmas cake
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