Starward Unexpeated


Starward Whisky has fused the new world Australian way with old world Scottish expertise to craft UNEXPEATED, a new red wine barrel aged Australian single malt whisky, finished in peated whisky-drenched barrels from the finest distilleries in Islay, Scotland. For the first time, whisky drinkers will taste coastal, peaty, smoky flavour in Starward’s signature fruit-forward whisky. Now that’s UNEXPEATED!

Our juicy, tropical Starward flavours have taken on peat smoke character, in this latest release. On your tongue, subtle sweet peat melds with red-wine-barrel red berries and sticky golden peaches. You’ll discover coastal peat in the aroma and a lingering smouldering dry finish too.

  • Nose : Tropical fruits, toasted oak and a hint of sweet peat.
  • Palate : Ripe red berries, coastal peat smoke, yellow peaches and cocoa nibs.
  • Finish : Oak slowly dries the palate, with a long peated finish after.



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