Edinburgh Cannonball Navy Strength Gin

Edinburgh Distillery

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Inspired by Edinburgh’s rich naval heritage of cannons and the famous One O’clock Gun, our Cannonball Gin is a Navy Strength gin that lives up to its evocative name. Cannonball resurrects a historic style of gin commissioned by the British Navy, making this gin an homage to Edinburgh’s seafaring past.

Cannonball is a strong, characterful gin that can be enjoyed straight up or in a G&T. It makes for a vigorously refreshing Dry Martini, served with a lemon twist to complement the gin’s peppery, zestier notes.

Aroma: Powerfully spirited and spicy on the nose.

Palate: Bold juniper with a kick of pepper and piquant spice.

Finish: Lingering spice with fresh citrus notes.

Size & Packing: 700ML x 6

ABV: 57.2%


6 in stock


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