DAN BLACK PREMIUM Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo AIYAMA 38


Is brewed using only superb premium “AIYAMA” rice cultivated in Hyogo prefecture together with Mount Fuji’s water. Aiyama rice is a top quality rice that began cultivation in Hyogo in 1949. It is challenging to grow and production is small, making this a RARE & Limited Edition sake.

Pleasant acidity of sake made by Yamahai’s technique that derives the umami from highly polished rice ratio. A sake with a subtle aroma derived from traditional yeast, making it versatile in pairing with a large variety of dishes.

This is an elegant sake that brings out the richness of Aiyama rice which is excellent for food pairing.

It comes in a black bottle which signifies its premium status. Traditionally, black and blue bottles are strictly for high grade sakes only. The dark colour blocks out UV rays from the sun, thus preventing undesired aging and retains the flavours in the bottle.

Awarded GOLD medal at Kura Master 2020, held in France on 31 August 2020.

Produced in limited quantity, this sake is presented in an elegant gift box, this is not only a perfect gift to relatives and friends, it is also a great bottle to share at dinner.

Only 60 bottles are available.




Alcohol by Volume