Dictador CAPITULO I 24 Years Old Sherry Cask Colombian Aged Rum 1996


Dictador Capitulo Uno is a series of limited release rum casks aged under the supervision of Hernan Parra. Capitulo, ‘Chapter’ in Spanish, showcases the Parra family’s dedication and hard work, drawing on colorful Colombian heritage to create the unique flavour profiles captured in each of these releases. These bottles are part of a limited series – so be one of the lucky few to discover this unique and incredibly rare rum.

  • Nose : A big hit of dry sherry notes, and then a sweetness of vanilla and oak come through. Some new leather notes and light cigar tones work with cinnamon and ginger for a rich nose.
  • Palete : Sweet sherry and red soft fruits combine with a kick of cinnamon spice and an oak dryness for a bold and complex palate that also has cherry stones and hints of earthy patchouli.
  • Finish : Sweet with some notes of leather and tobacco.

Total bottles : 900



Country of Origin

Limited, Fine & Rare