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Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7

Mellowed drop by drop through 10-feet of sugar maple charcoal, then matured in handcrafted barrels of our own making. And our Tennessee Whiskey doesn’t follow a calendar. It’s only ready when our tasters say it is. We judge it by the way it looks. By its aroma. And of course, by the way it tastes. It’s how Jack Daniel himself did it over a century ago. And how we still do it today. Nose : Caramel with mild hints of banana Taste : Balanced caramel, vanilla and toasted oak, medium bodied. Finish : Creamy/Clean finish

Finlandia Vodka

$69.00 $58.65
Embodying the best of Finland, our award-winning vodka originates from pristine nature, made from pure, glacial spring water and the finest Suomi barley, grown under the midnight sun. State-of-the-art distillation transforms these untreated, natural ingredients into the smooth, crisp taste of Finlandia Vodka, encased in the premium design of our ice-inspired bottle. The Finnish Midnight Sun is an integral part of the Finlandia process, ripening native barley in untainted northern soil during the short growing season where the sun does not set for 73 straight days. Finnish barley has the highest-quality starch and the lowest content of natural oils in any grain, resulting in Finlandia’s dry, light and smooth taste with a gentle aroma.

Starward Two Fold

Just like our hometown, Melbourne Australia, our Starward whiskies are versatile and a little different. Two-Fold is an approachable and proudly versatile whisky crafted to be enjoyed any way you like. We bring together local ingredients and Australian red wine barrels, to make the epitome of a distinctly Australian spirit. This double grain whisky, made from Australian barley (for depth) and wheat (for aromatic dry flavour), is a whisky made to be mixed, spritzed, or shaken.
  • Nose : Bright red berries coated in buttery vanilla spice.
  • Palate : Imagine a smooth, rich caramel dessert balanced by tropical fruit.
  • Finish : Delicate and long. A delicious, dry finish from a faded sweetness.

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Inspired by the original gentleman distiller and our founder, Gentleman Jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing to achieve exceptional smoothness. Its balanced flavour is perfect for celebrating life’s extraordinary occasions, plus all the moments along the way.
  • Nose : Vanilla/Citrus/Floral
  • Taste : Sweet vanilla, fruit and light spice
  • Finish : Crisp/Clean finish
Cocktail Ideas : Jack & Coke The classic American cocktail. When smooth, charcoal-mellowed Tennessee Whiskey first met the sweet fizz of cola, America’s classic cocktail was born. The natural vanilla of the whiskey mixes so perfectly with the heavy caramel of the cola, it’s almost like the two were made for each other.
  • 50 ml Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack
  • Coca Cola 3/4 fill a highball glass with cubed ice
Pour Gentleman Jack / Old No. 7 over ice Top with cola.

Herradura Blanco

$88.00 $74.80
Herradura Silver owes its distinctly sweet taste of agave and subtle oak notes to resting for an impressive 45 days beyond the industry standard in American White Oak barrels. The prolonged aging process creates a light straw color with a unique, robust aroma of cooked agave, vanilla and wood that leaves your mouth feeling smooth and refreshed. Colour : Light Straw Nose : Robust. Full of fruit and cooked agave with vanilla and wood notes from barrel-aging. Taste : Sweet, woody flavor Finish : Smooth and refreshing

Dictador Aged 10 Years

$89.00 $71.20
Dictador 10 Years Old is a molasses rum from the now famous Colombian brand. The barrels that have received this rum during its long rest are in Colombian white oak called Quercus Humbolti, we find there the typically roasted notes that have made it famous. Its age of 10 years is a weighted age, because aging is done according to the Solera method, which consists of gradually blending young rums with older ones (perpetual reserve). The color of her dress is coppery orange. The nose seduces with aromas of freshly roasted coffee smoothly blended with vanilla. The mouth shows a beautiful sweetness and is dominated by coffee notes, without bitterness, faithful to the sensations perceived on the nose. Vanilla delicately finds its place throughout the tasting. The finish has a good length still strongly marked by mocha. This unique rum reveals an interesting aromatic richness dominated by coffee notes.

Herradura Reposado

$95.00 $80.75
The Original Reposado. Tequila Herradura introduced the world to Reposado in 1974 and has been setting the standard ever since. Aged 9 months longer than industry standards, Reposado has a rich amber color with notes of cooked agave, vanilla and butter. This additional time spent resting in charred American White Oak barrels creates a smooth, sweet finish with a slight taste of spice. Colour : Rich amber with shades of copper from barrel-aging Nose : Warm notes of anise, fruit and spices Taste : Cooked agave, vanilla and butter Finish : Smooth and sweet with a touch of spice

Dictador Aged 12 Years

$96.00 $76.80
Rum is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in a steel continuous column, to achieve our signature medium-bodied rum. Aged in oak barrels and then bottled under caring, expert eyes, so we can ensure the final liquid is of the highest quality – and all our flavours remain intact. Light copper colour with amber highlights, an intense aroma of soft caramel, honey, dry seeds and lightly roasted coffee giving way to medium oak aromas. Soft and round feel in the mouth with caramel, cocoa, and honey light coffee flavours and a finish of light oak with complexity of lingering flavours. It’s a medium-bodied, complex blend of premium aged rums with full, rich flavours.

Herradura Anejo

$107.00 $90.95
Aged to perfection. Blending modern and traditional distilling techniques, añejo was first introduced to the world by Casa Herradura in 1962. Since then Herradura Añejo has aged in American White Oak barrels for 25 months – an incredible 13 months beyond industry standards. The result is a remarkably smooth, amber-colored liquid that melts on your tongue leaving notes of cooked agave, toasted oak and dried fruit. Colour : Dark amber drawn from the barrel Nose : Cooked agave blended with spice and floral notes Taste : Cooked agave, toasted oak and dried fruit Finish : Creamy

Bumbu : XO

$108.00 $91.80
Bumbu XO is truly a thing of beauty. A smooth, rich and complex handcrafted rum created from scratch by our master distiller, our XO is aged up to 18 years in bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish white oak sherry casks to achieve a beautifully balanced, endlessly sippable rum. This special release is distilled and aged in Panama, where we created a truly unique – and unquestionably superior – rum. Aromas of toffee, toasted oak, and vanilla give way to orange zest, peppery spice and even a hint of coffee on the palate. A wonderfully engaging rum that encourages repeat visits, Bumbu XO is perfect for traditional rum cocktails – and perhaps even better on its own, neat or with a single ice cube.

Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Year of the Ox 2021

The Chinese Lantern design inspired by the art of paper cutting (jiǎnzhǐ 剪纸) that originated in China around the sixth century AD. Red is the most commonly used colour, which represents good luck, happiness and prosperity, and cut-out patterns are often formed by Chinese characters representing Chinese zodiac animals. Normally paper-cutting artwork is used on festivals like Spring Festival and weddings. Jack Daniel’s No. 27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey is a luxury expression of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. It was conceived and is crafted to offer Jack Daniel’s aficionados and luxury consumers an ultra-smooth expression of our whiskey. It is a twice barreled, twice mellowed expression of our Old No. 7 whiskey and part of its name, “27,” celebrates the twice barreled, twice mellowing process where maple barrels impart a rich, smooth and luxurious whiskey experience.