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BenRiach Authenticus Aged 30 Years


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BenRiach Authenticus aged 30 years is a rare opportunity to experience peated Speyside single malt dating back to the 1980s. As the oldest expression in our peated range, we believe BenRiach Authenticus will impress with its distinguished profile. An unusually richly peated Speyside, Authenticus beguiles with its fusion of ripe, developed sweetness and aromatic peat smoke. 1 cask matured: bourbon barrels.

Colour: Polished red wood

Nose: A delightful balance of wild honey and peat combine perfectly with a touch of allspice. Distant soft fruits add hints of yellow pear, melon and peach to the sweet, smoky nose.

Palate: An exquisite combination of spiced oak, soft, creamy vanilla and summer fruits with a dusting of cocoa. An infusion of sweet peat reek gently builds, adding an intriguing herbal, smoky contrast to the unique character. In the finish, a rush of sweet, wild honey provides a lovely contrast to this lively,  intense expression.

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52 in stock


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