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BenRiach 10 Years 2007 Cask 8737 Batch 15 Moscatel Cask

The BenRiach 2007 Cask No. 8737 10 Year Old is one of 17 new limited edition whiskies in Batch 15 of BenRiach's popular Single Cask series of whiskies. Distilled on 28th March 2007 and fully matured in a Moscatel sherry cask it was selected by BenRiach Master Blender, Rachel Barrie as part of this latest batch of single cask releases. Non chill-filtered and natural colour this Moscatel sherry cask matured whisky was bottled at 58.9% ABV. Nose: A raisiny fruitiness, a little orange blossom, honey and a touch of marzipan. Taste: A deliciously juicy raisin and apple candied fruitiness coats the mouth. A little cinnamon, honey and a hint of creamy chocolate. Finish: Medium to long with the sweet fruits bittering out leaving some mildly drying oak.

BenRiach 10 Year Old 2009 Cask 1647 Batch 16 Madeira Hogshead [Peated]

Aged : 10 years Cask Type : Madeira Appearance : Deep golden syrup. Nose : Oven-baked, caramelised orange flan with mandarin, cloves, chilli pepper and salted crème caramel. Palate : Smoked orange and spiced mulled wine with burnt caramel, black pepper and toffee.

BenRiach 10 Year Old 2008 Cask 7865 Batch 16 South African Wine Barrique

Aged : 10 years Cask Type : Adoro Appearance : Burnished copper. Nose : Chocolate coated apple, heather honey and layers of soft ripe fruit with a backnote of grape and cocoa. Palate : An autumn fruit basket with red and green apple, ripe plum and hazelnut, leading to a deliciously intriguing grape and mocha finish.

BenRiach 12 Years 2005 Cask 5014 Batch 15 Olorosso Sherry Butt

Filled into an oloroso sherry cask in 2005, this 12 year old BenRiach comes from the distillery's 15th release of their famous single cask expressions. Offering a heavier fruity character than the classic style, this is rich with golden syrup and apple on the note, with apricot and yellow plum notes, moving to notes of fresh brioche with raisins. On the palate, the sherry cask shows its influence, with notes of raisin, sultana and treacle, caramelised orange and red apple tangyness. Bottled at a natural strength of 58.1%.

BenRiach 12 Year Old 2006 Cask 1853 Batch 16 Sauternes Barrique

Aged : 12 years Cask Type : Sauternes Appearance : Deep summer gold. Nose : Sweet lemon meringue pie and poached pear topped with toasted almond, vanilla and coconut ice. Palate : Sip lemon zest and caster sugar in meringue baked with vanilla and cardamom. Pear and almond tarte tatin linger into the delicious dessert-like finish.

Benriach 12 Years 2008 Cask 2014 Batch 17 Pedro Ximénez Puncheon

  • COLOUR : Golden walnut
  • NOSE : Chocolate coated red apple, plum and redcurrant on a base of pistachio, sandalwood and espresso.
  • TASTE : Smooth fig and apple with cinnamon spice, pistachio cream and chocolate coated dates.

BenRiach 13 Year Old 2005 Cask 6704 Batch 16 Port Hogshead

Aged : 13 years Cask Type : Port Appearance : Dark ruby. Nose : Dark chocolate cherry, sandalwood and freshly cracked walnut with truffle oil and beeswax in the background. Palate : Treacle toffee apple and unctuous dark manuka honey develop into a finish of dark chocolate coated cherry and walnut.

BenRiach 13 Year Old 2005 Cask 6924 Batch 16 Pedro Ximenez Butt

Aged : 13 years Cask Type : Pedro Ximenez Appearance : Dark honey with russet highlights. Nose : Butterscotch and crème caramel lead the way. Maple syrup and pecan appear with layers of cream sherry and caramel fudge cake. Palate : Dark manuka honey and cream sherry on buttered pancakes lead to gingerbread and treacle. Caramelised ginger and pecan toffee remain in the long, sumptuous finish.

BenRiach 20 Year Old 1997 Cask 4437 Batch 15 Marsala Hogshead

  • Aged : 20 years
  • Cask Type : Marsala Hogshead
  • Appearance : Deep Autumn russet and gold.
  • Nose : Sweet Valencia orange and peach segments on a cream and biscuit base, smothered in syrupy fruit glaze.
  • Palate : Peach melba and sweet clementine fruit salad with lingering fresh double cream and toasted almond into the finish.

BenRiach 21 Year Old 1997 Cask 7858 Batch 16 Virgin Oak Hogshead

Aged : 21 years Cask Type : Virgin Oak Appearance : Orange gold. Nose : A confectionery shop of blackcurrant sweets, sugared pineapple cubes, strawberry bonbons and chocolate coated honeycomb. Palate: Pineapple, vanilla and honeycomb with coconut ice and sugar candy. Blackberry cream builds into the long-lasting sweet, fruity finish.

BenRiach 21 Year Old 1997 Cask 4438 Batch 16 Marsala Hogshead

Aged : 21 years Cask Type : Marsala Appearance : Burnt orange sunset Nose : Deliciously sweet with clementine segments, grape and vanilla ice cream in fruit syrup with a blacknote of milk chocolate hazelnut. Palate : A fruit cocktail of nectarine, pear, pineapple and grape with red cherry lingering into the mouthwatering finish.

Benriach 22 Years 1998 Cask 2803 Batch 17 Pedro Ximénez Puncheon

CASK EDITION COLLECTION : CASK # 2803 CASK TYPE : Pedro Ximénez Puncheon STYLE : Classic unpeated AGED : 22 Years DATE DISTILLED : 12th January 1998 NUMBER OF BOTTLES : 692 TASTING NOTES
  • COLOUR : Deep amber
  • NOSE : Sticky toffee apple and caramel sponge pudding layered with cherry cake and sugar glaze.
  • TASTE : Cherry and sultana bread with vanilla, candied peel and golden syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.