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BenRiach 20 Year Old 1997 Cask 4437 Batch 15 Marsala Hogshead

  • Aged : 20 years
  • Cask Type : Marsala Hogshead
  • Appearance : Deep Autumn russet and gold.
  • Nose : Sweet Valencia orange and peach segments on a cream and biscuit base, smothered in syrupy fruit glaze.
  • Palate : Peach melba and sweet clementine fruit salad with lingering fresh double cream and toasted almond into the finish.
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BenRiach 27 Year Old 1991 Cask 1850 Batch 16 Madeira Hogshead

Aged : 27 years Cask Type : Madeira Appearance : Burnt Sienna orange. Nose : Baked orange, treacle toffee and honeysuckle, with layers of toasted brioche, roast coffee and black pepper. Palate : Nectarine, fig roll and clotted cream open on the palate.
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BenRiach 21 Year Old 1997 Cask 7858 Batch 16 Virgin Oak Hogshead

Aged : 21 years Cask Type : Virgin Oak Appearance : Orange gold. Nose : A confectionery shop of blackcurrant sweets, sugared pineapple cubes, strawberry bonbons and chocolate coated honeycomb. Palate: Pineapple, vanilla and honeycomb with coconut ice and sugar candy. Blackberry cream builds into the long-lasting sweet, fruity finish.
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BenRiach 21 Year Old 1997 Cask 4438 Batch 16 Marsala Hogshead

Aged : 21 years Cask Type : Marsala Appearance : Burnt orange sunset Nose : Deliciously sweet with clementine segments, grape and vanilla ice cream in fruit syrup with a blacknote of milk chocolate hazelnut. Palate : A fruit cocktail of nectarine, pear, pineapple and grape with red cherry lingering into the mouthwatering finish.
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Benriach 22 Years 1998 Cask 2803 Batch 17 Pedro Ximénez Puncheon

CASK EDITION COLLECTION : CASK # 2803 CASK TYPE : Pedro Ximénez Puncheon STYLE : Classic unpeated AGED : 22 Years DATE DISTILLED : 12th January 1998 NUMBER OF BOTTLES : 692 TASTING NOTES
  • COLOUR : Deep amber
  • NOSE : Sticky toffee apple and caramel sponge pudding layered with cherry cake and sugar glaze.
  • TASTE : Cherry and sultana bread with vanilla, candied peel and golden syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.
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BenRiach 24 Year Old 1994 Cask 7379 Batch 16 Bourbon Barrel

Aged : 24 years Cask Type : Bourbon Appearance : Dark honey gold. Nose : Elegant and intriguing. Caramelised pear in golden syrup with bourbon vanilla leading to mint ice cream with dark chocolate pieces. Palate : Multilayered sweet and fresh desserts. Poached pear smothered in vanilla and coconut cream leads to a cleansing mint and dark chocolate finish.
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The GlenDronach Grandeur Aged 28 Years Batch 11

A small number of Oloroso sherry casks which demonstrate exceptional character have been chosen by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie for the eleventh batch of The GlenDronach Grandeur. This expression is an exquisite representation of the rich, complex and full-bodied style of The GlenDronach Distillery. All of its natural colour has been drawn from the casks in which it has rested for almost three decades. Each bottle is individually numbered by hand as a reflection of its rarity.Tasting Notes
  • Appearance : Ruby tinged walnut.
  • Nose : Opulent and powerful with a symphony of sherry aromatics, interwoven with dark manuka honey, roasted almond and walnut. Baked plum and ginger captivate the senses, deepening to rustic vintage leather and freshly ground coffee.
  • Palate : Intense and full-bodied with dark fruit notes on a base of velvet and fine leather. A crescendo of black cherry and espresso adorns each mouthful.
  • Conclusion : Richly rewarding, with a persistent chocolate, liquorice and walnut finish.
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BenRiach 26 Year Old Cask 1852 S.E.A. Limited Edition Cask Pedro Ximenez Puncheon

Benriach 26 Years 1994 Cask 1852 has a bronze color with a nose of smoked orange peel, cedar wood, roast coffee, dark honey, and walnut. On the palate, it has engulfing smoke with hickory, notes of date, chocolate orange, and lingering coffee. It's aged in a Pedro Ximenez Puncheon cask.
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BenRiach 23 Year Old 1995 Cask 7385 Batch 16 Peated Olorosso Butt

Aged : 23 years Cask Type : Oloroso Appearance : Antique gold. Nose : Intense smoked vanilla, with orange and ground ginger. Pear and smoked applewood emerge with nutmeg and cherry tree bark. Palate : Apple and calvados fill the palate with waves of guava, acacia honey and sweet birch. The exceedingly long finish leaves nutmeg and roasted apple.
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