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Dictador 2 Masters Leclerc Briant 1977

  • Nose: White flowers and parma violets with apricot preserve. Fresh lemon zest and ground almonds. Light hints of liquorice and cassia bark. Hot buttered crepes.
  • Palate: Well balanced with an earthy start that develops into a smooth orange cream note with some lavender and elements of griddled pineapple. Tropical fruits.
  • Finish: Pink pepper corns give good length to a fresh mango and papaya backed with a touch of vanilla. Juicy and delicious.
  • Matured in French Oak, Chauffe Légère
  • Time of Finishing: 36 months
  • Quantity: 313 bottles
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Dictador Best of 1972 Apasionado

Every shot of our delicate Rum served is brimming with the full fiery passion of our Latin land, bringing a piece of our burning culture to your lips. We encapsulate the sweet essence of our rums after distillation by implementing the unique method of adding reduced sugar cane juice to our old barrels. In doing so we bring the huge, concentrated flavours and dark caramel colour and flavour to our rums without affecting the residual sweetness of the end product. Latin culture embraces life, and we follow this credo by embracing new techniques to bring luxury to this age-old spirit. These bottles are part of a limited series – so be one of the lucky few to discover this unique and incredibly rare rum. 46 Years Quantity: 300 Bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Glenfarclas 1977

For this second edition of 2 Glenfarclas Masters, Dictador presents us with a rum aged 45 years, a vintage of 1977 from a single ex-Bourbon barrel, the rum undergoes, for additional aging, a long finish of 49 months in barrels of Olorosso Sherry at Glenfarclas in Scotland under the supervision of Callum Fraser's cellar master.
  • Nose: Cream soda sweetness that carries kaffir lime leaves and fresh pineapple. Some toasted coconut notes, backed with hazelnut and warming sherry. A cola note adds depth and complexity.
  • Palate: Maple syrup at first which move to a more robust cedar note followed by earthy tones of treacle toffee. A malty note underpins the robust flavours which is also backed by cigar wrappers.
  • Finish: Red apples, toffee and some notes of light bonfire embers give this real death and complexity.
  • Matured in 3rd fill Olorosso Sherry Cask
  • Time of Finishing : 49 months
  • Quantity : 254 bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Glenfarclas 1972


A 45-year-old Dictador Rum from a 1972 single vintage cask finished in fine port casks and then shipped to Glenfarclas in Scotland, where it further spent 7 months in a Glenfarclas 2002 third-fill Jerez Sherry cask. Bottled at 45% ABV.

  • Nose: Undoubtedly a great old rum married into a superb whisky with very clear malted barley overtones, sherry notes and dried apricots over the sweeter smell of maple syrup, melted brown sugar and tropical fruits.
  • Palate: The whisky somewhat fades into the background and gets overtaken by immensely rounded, rich liquid dried fruits with medjool dates, sun-dried raisins and acacia honey character, although without the sugar content, just pure aged rum. It kicks back in with incredible balance between the alcohol, fruit and acidity, going into a fabulous finish that just lingers for minutes once the “burn” is away and has notes of toffee, sweet tobacco and toasted coconut.
  • Colour : A dark golden bronze with flashes of mahogany in the center out to a highly viscous light brass color in the glass.
  • Matured in 3rd fill Olorosso Sherry Cask
  • Time of Finishing : 7 months
  • Quantity : 232 bottles
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Dictador Rima I American Oak Cask Vintage 1997

Dictador Rima is a sequent edition of a limited series of a collection of vintages aged under the supervision of Hernan Parra. Dictador’s Master Blender continues his masterpiece in splendorous creation of rums aged in American Oak casks finish. Rima in Spanish means ‘Rime’ and just like in a poem one can find perfect symbiosis of words, in the bottles of Dictador Rima, you will find a perfect synergy of flavours and a unique tasting experience. Nose: Freshly vanished oak flooring, with a decadent note of dark chocolate and cinnamon spice over the top. Rich honey and some earthy notes of high-grade maple syrup, too. Palate: Bold with lots of fresh coffee notes, some ginger snaps and an element of honeycomb dipped in rich milk chocolate. Cherries, too. Finish: Lightly spiced with a hint of cinnamon balls and vanilla. Age: 21 Years Cask: American Oak Cask Released Total Bottles: 307
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Dictador Parrafo I Fino Vintage 2007

Dictador Párrafo is a limited edition of vintages personally chosen and created by Dictador’s Master Blender Hernan Parra. This piece of many years’ works bore fruits in the form of a collection of excellent rums aged in American Oak with Sherry and Port casks finish. The superbness of the rums in this series is proof of the craftsmanship of the Parra family and their multi-generational experience. Nose: Maple syrup on the nose, with hints of freshly baked French pastries, and some apple compote. A back note of strawberries and cream. Palate: Soft and delicate, this has some grape notes to it which give a natural fruity sweetness, followed by some earthy and spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamom. A hint of rhubarb on the end. Finish: Light spices, some notes of vanilla and a hit of maple syrup from the start of the nose. Age: 15 Years Cask: Sherry Cask Released Total Bottles: 290
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Dictador 2 Masters Ximenez-Spinola 1976

A 45 year-old Dictador Rum from a 1976 vintage finished in whisky casks was shipped to Jerez de la Frontera in the hot south of Spain. There the rum was matured for 9 months in 50 year-old French Oak Pedro Ximenez casks.
  • Nose: A profound and mellow nose-feel, lightly nose-drying. The top notes are of Christmas cake with burnt edges, with toasted flaked almonds, becoming gamey and meaty after a while (roast grouse). The mid-notes are both fruity (old Madeira) and floral - a heady, scented fragrance of tropical lilies on a hot night. The base note is reminiscent of burnt toffee.
  • Palate: A creamy, mouth-filling texture and a sweet taste overall, with treacle toffee in mid-palate and a suggestion of wine-marinaded and glazed pork. Then a perfumed finish, pleasantly mouth-cooling with lingering warm spice.
  • Colour: Deep polished rosewood, with crimson lights. Slow, thick legs, indicating texture.
  • Matured in 50 years Old French Oak PX
  • Time of Finishing: 9 months
  • Quantity: 390 bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Barton Straight Rye 1979/1982

After 36 years of aging, rum was put for 6 months and 14 days in previously used straight rye casks from the 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky.
  • Nose : Charred oak, spiciness, dark fruits, peppery and tobacco notes.
  • Palate : Upfront substantial cinnamon, clove and nutmeg which transitions to a buttery caramel, dark fruit, dark chocolate, vanilla and expansive rye spiciness.
  • Colour : toffee, sugar cane, pepperiness, and charred oak with a long and lingering spiciness. A magnificent marriage of distinctive and contrasting bold flavors.
Matured in Straight Rye Cask Time of Finishing: 6 months 14 days Quantity: 249 bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Nieport 1971/1974/1978/1980

Based on the flavour profiles of the vintages that he receives from Hernan Parra, Dirk Niepoort has made a unique blend, to make a singular rum. From one side before he put them in his own Port Pipes, he blended rums from 71 (49 years-old Rum) and 78 (42 Years-old Rum) and in another Pipe he blended 1974 (46 Years-old Rum) and 1980 (40 Years-old Rum), the pipes that he used are over 50 years Old Port Pipes and after 15 months he made a final blend between these two Pipes.
  • Nose: A mellow nose-feel. The top notes are of almond oil – highly fragrant - supported by dried fruits (dates, prunes, candied angelica), on a base of marzipan glazed with hard toffee and dipped in dark chocolate. A suggestion of espresso coffee in the development.
  • Palate: A smooth texture and a taste which starts sweet and dries elegantly to a long, warming, lightly spicy (black pepper) finish, with a trace of espresso coffee and crystalline sugar (and later dark chocolate) in the aftertaste.
  • Colour: Deep polished rosewood, with magenta lights.
Matured in over 50 years Old Port Pipes Time of Finishing: 12-18 months Quantity: 620 bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Chateau d’Arche 1979

  • Nose : Dark chocolate orange with notes of summer fruit compote. Ripe plums and orange zest add energy to nose which also gives some light ginger notes and rich Madagascan vanilla. Vintage leather completes the package.
  • Palate : Crepe Suzette at first, followed by tangerine sweetness and some red apple notes. There is an underlying earthy note that adds complexity, followed by a sweet grape overtone that lift the taste again. A good balance between sweetness and earth.
  • Finish : Rounded notes of candied orange peel and pear slices, coupled with a hint of smoky oak char.
  • Matured in American Oak - Quintessence
  • Time of Finishing : 34 months
  • Quantity : 237 bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Hardy 1974/77

  • Nose: Ginger snaps at first and a beautiful note of stone fruits comes through in the glass. This is backed by smoke, delicate toffee and strawberry notes, with a hint of grape.
  • Palate: The ginger notes on the palate set up spices of cracked black pepper and vanilla which give way to plums, toasted coconut and black cherry. These come back with another wave of oak spices before more of the red fruits come to the fore.
  • Finish: An oaky vanilla with subtle spices and some cigar smoke comes through giving a long and lingering finish.
  • Time of Finishing: 35 months
  • Matured in Limousin Oak Cask
  • Quantity : 971 bottles
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Dictador 2 Masters Glenfarclas 1974

A 44-year-old Dictador Rum from a 1974 single vintage cask finished in whisky cask and then shipped to Glenfarclas in Scotland, where it further spent 14 months in a Glenfarclas 1992 forth-fill Hogshead Sherry Cask.
  • Nose: Vintage leather in an old car, a carriage from the Orient Express. Well kept cigar boxes, cinnamon and nutmeg backed with just a hint of summer fruit compote.
  • Palate: Rich and smooth with some elements of delicate sherry coming through, a hint of toasted vanilla and some light toffee tones. A touch of orange and a hint of milk chocolate truffle.
  • Colour: Woody notes of old castles living rooms, brings us right back to where we started, that vintage car once again.
  • Matured in 4th fill Hogshead Sherry Cask
  • Time of Finishing: 14 months
  • Quantity : 378 bottles
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