Cognac ABK6 favours the flexibility thanks to the choice of many old eaux-de-vies. In these aromatic and intense Cognacs one finds the fruit of the vine and the lightness of the perfumes.

Throughout the whole range, ABK6 is indulgent, with notes of candied fruit, stewed apples and spices. Its originality is strongly evident and this is why ABK6 is presented in an exclusive bottle in order to differentiate itself with it’s square shouldered shape that affirms its modernity, all while respecting the tradition of the product and the uncompromising quality.

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ABK6 VS Single Estate Cognac

Gold colour with amber highlights. The initial nose shows aromas of vanilla and wood, then it evolves into fresh fruits and honey hints. The taste reveals great smoothness with blended fruity notes and vanilla undertones.

ABK6 VSOP Single Estate Cognac

Colour: Lovely golden color. Nose: Apple pie and raisins, complex, floral yet spicy, with cinnamon, toffee, & mustard seeds.

Palate: Beautifully rich, spicy.  The apple tones continue, with hints of home baking, and even Bombay mix! A lengthy, aromatic finish of fresh fruits, spices, and soft oak.

ABK6 Cognac Extra

Old gold colour. This rich Cognac is supple and indulgent and is characterised by its aromatic complexity where the aromas of cedar wood, candied fruits and honey mix. The taste is complex and expressed with candied fruits and spices, including cinnamon. The wood aromas bring great length and incomparable richness. It is followed by a very supple honeyed finish sustained by citrus, honey, cigar box and candied orange notes.

ABK6 XO Renaissance Cellar Single Estate Cognac

Old gold amber colour. A nose that is rich with woody notes, spice, liquorice, orange peel and dried fig. The taste has a tamed aromatic strength with a touch of hazelnut, walnut, cedar wood then candied fruits. A great length characterises this XO.

ABK6 XO Family Cellar Single Estate Cognac

Old gold amber colour. The nose brings notes of spice, liquorice, orange peel and even dried figs. In the mouth, the aromatic strength of this Cognac is exceptional and opens up with notes of hazelnut, walnut, cedar wood then candied fruits. Great length characterises this XO.

ABK6 VSOP Single Estate Cognac with Gift Box

Golden colour with deep amber highlights. The nose gives lovely aromas of subtly spiced wood, brioche cake and cinnamon. In the mouth, there is a harmonious association of fruit and wood aromas. Its delicate finish gradually ends on notes of fruit jellies and spices. Cocktail Idea - French Manhattan: - 3cl ABK6 VSOP - 1 splash of triple sec liqueur - 1.5cl of dry Vermouth - Crushed ice - Mix together with a shaker - Serve with a cherry previously macerated in the VSOP