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Chambord Liqueur

$65.00 $52.00
Chambord Liqueur is a premium French black raspberry liqueur. It is an infusion of the world’s finest raspberries, blackberries and the exotic flavors of black raspberries, black currant, Madagascar vanilla and cognac. Chambord Liqueur takes the finest ingredients and a traditional hand-crafted method to make a high-quality product with a distinct flavor profile. Fresh, premium ingredients combine to create a complex and balanced flavor. Chambord Liqueur uses a unique three-step process that unites natural ingredients to create a liqueur possessing an unprecedented level of high-quality ingredients, complexities, flavor and aromas. Cocktail Ideas Chambord Valentine Royale
  • 10ml Chambord liqueur
  • Any fizz you fancy
  • Raspberry (garnish)
Pour Chambord into a flute glass. Top with whatever fizz your tongue desires. Then plop. Finish with the important raspberry.

DAN Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo (Bizen Omachi)

$112.00 $89.60
The unique acidity of Yamahai and the umami of the rice make it a full-bodied sake. It is a mellow sweet sake yet with a rich flavor of Omachi rice.
  • Rice Type : 100% Okayama Bizen Omachi
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 45%
  • Sake Meter Value : +1
  • Acidity : 1.45