Kura The Whisky Rum Cask Finish Malt Whisky


“From Okinawa to The World”…

Kura Pure Malt Whisky is the latest premium Japanese Whisky expression of Helios Distillery from Okinawa Island.

Situated in Nago-city, the Northern Area of Okinawa that is known for its rich natural environment, Helios has placed high value on preservation of the environment and making the best use of Okinawa’s natural resources and history, and dedicate to produce authentic and good whiskies.

Based on the principal, Tadashi Matsuda, the founder, Helios Co. has been distilling spirits over 50 years and promoting the identity, culture, and know-how of Okinawa. This is why, company’s main theme is “From Okinawa to The World”!

Kura Rum Cask Malt Whisky is a blended malt whisky made with malted barley, yeast and water. It is rested minimum three years in American Oak barrels. Being originally a Japanese Rum producer, Helios Co. has second aged the precious whisky in their own local Japanese Rum barrels to attain a perfectly balanced whisky with hints of tropical fruits, vanilla a seaweed. The blend consists of varying malt whiskies that ages up to 18 years, while the youngest whisky in the blend is three years.


Nose: Tropical fruits, citrus blended with honey and hints of vanilla and Japanese rum
Palate: Sweet caramel with vanilla notes up front, joined with tropical citrus fruits balanced with peat from oak barrels
Finish: Hints of toffee filled with rum, sea weed and orange oil with toasty cereals with vanilla coating



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