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Benriach The Sixteen

After sixteen years of maturation, Benriach develops a richly balanced evolution of our signature Speyside style. Three cask maturation in bourbon, sherry and virgin oak brings layers of stone fruit, smooth creamy malt, wild honey and nutty oak spice.
  • COLOUR: Bronze
  • NOSE: Baked apple and creamy hazelnut malt with overtones of ginger-spiced apricot and honey
  • TASTE: Spiced stewed apple, stone fruit and mellow nutty oak, with honeyed malt and candied peel
  • SMOKE LEVEL: Trace
“Our signature Speyside style blossoms at ten years old, finding depth and richer layers of orchard fruit character as it turns sixteen. Our core flavour components of fruit, malt and oak become more concentrated, enriched with age at sixteen years old, bringing layers of stone fruit, smooth creamy malt, wild honey and nutty oak spice.” - Master Blender, Rachel Barrie
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BenRiach 26 Year Old Cask 1852 S.E.A. Limited Edition Cask Pedro Ximenez Puncheon

Benriach 26 Years 1994 Cask 1852 has a bronze color with a nose of smoked orange peel, cedar wood, roast coffee, dark honey, and walnut. On the palate, it has engulfing smoke with hickory, notes of date, chocolate orange, and lingering coffee. It's aged in a Pedro Ximenez Puncheon cask.
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Benriach The Smoky Ten Miniature



“Intense smoked applewood flavour with honeyed sugar maple, all woven together with rich layers of smoke.”

- Rachel Barrie, Master Blender

The Smoky Ten is distilled using malted barley smoked with Highland peat. This wood rich Highland peat imparts distinctly sweet and smoky notes into Benriach peated whiskies. Enriched with three cask maturation using bourbon barrels, toasted virgin oak and Jamaican rum casks for layers of sunripe fruit, aromatic smoky sweetness and toasted oak spice. The Smoky Ten is an ideal introduction for explorers wanting to try a different style of peated whisky to the more traditional Islay malts.
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Benriach The Twelve Miniature



“Sherry rich maturation and layers of dark berry fruit encapture the flavours of Benriach in the autumn.”

- Rachel Barrie, Master Blender

The Twelve is a rich and smooth expression of Benriach Single Malt. Matured in a sherry rich profile with the addition of bourbon and port casks, this intriguing malt has layers of baked fruit, maple honey sweetness and lingering oak spice.
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Benriach The Smoky Twelve Miniature



“For me it’s baked orange in a wonderful cake, fired over an open fire, with dark chocolate flavour.”

- Rachel Barrie, Master Blender

The Smoky Twelve is the perfect marriage of fruit, malt, oak and rich layers of smoke. Three cask matured in an unconventional mix of bourbon, sherry and Marsala this creamy and smooth single malt is multi-layered with flavours of ripened fruit, aromatic smoky sweetness and warming oak spice.
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Benriach The Original Ten Miniature



“Luscious orchard fruit on a base of beautiful vanilla cream and pastry, that for me is The Original Ten.”

- Rachel Barrie, Master Blender

The Original Ten encapsulates the signature smooth and multilayered character of Benriach. Three cask matured for at least ten years in bourbon barrels, sherry casks and virgin oak, to create layers of luscious orchard fruit, sumptuous honeyed malt and toasted oak, all interwoven with a subtle trace of smoke. The perfect introduction to our signature style and richly layered Speyside Single Malt.
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Benriach Malting Season (First Edition)

  • COLOUR : Barley gold
  • NOSE : Richly aromatic with barley sugar, almond fudge and poached orchard apple
  • PALATE : Smooth and rounded with vanilla and honeyed pear, with the lasting nuttiness of slowly kilned malt
The first edition of the small batch release is comprised of 23 barrels, all distilled on 2nd November 2012, yielding 6672 bottles in total.   “At Benriach, we never stop exploring how fruit, oak and barley flavours intertwine and mature in our broad range of eclectic casks. The unique process behind Malting Season allows the cereal flavour from the concerto barley to pull through and when married with the creamy, wholesome flavour from being two-cask matured in bourbon and virgin oak barrels, creates a truly unique expression.” - Rachel Barrie, Master Blender
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Benriach The Thirty

BENRIACH THE THIRTY / Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Four Cask Matured, Natural Imparted Colour This exquisite single malt has been crafted from peated spirit and four cask matured for at least thirty years in sherry casks, bourbon barrels, virgin oak casks and port casks from the Douro Valley. During long maturation Benriach’s sweet Speyside smoke mellows and integrates with the fruit, malt and oak. After thirty years, rich layering develops into sublime honeyed smoke, further enhanced through multi-layered cask maturation. The whisky from each cask type, imbued with particular flavour characteristics, is then expertly married together to create an exquisitely harmonious single malt, layered with dark fruits, rich walnut and velvety oak spice with a long, complex, smoked honey finish. All in perfect balance. Colour: Mahogany Nose: Stewed plum, baked orange, smoked walnut and cinnamon cocoa Palate: Dark fruit, manuka honey and chocolate raisin, with a long and complex smoked honey finish Smoke Level: Complex Awards Double Gold Medal - 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 92 points - 2021 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Competition
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Benriach The Twenty Five

“Rich baked fruits, honeyed malt and a caramel smoke finish elevate the sumptuous, rich flavour of this four cask matured expression.” - Rachel Barrie, Master Blender A richly sumptuous single malt, interwoven with mellow smoke and a masterful curation of oak. After twenty five years, Benriach’s sweet Speyside smoke caramelises and is enhanced by four cask maturation in sherry, bourbon, virgin oak and madeira wine casks. This exceptional single malt will appeal to drinkers of richly matured sherry cask whisky, offering more intriguing layers of flavour with the use of three other cask types and mellow layers of honey malt and caramelised smoke.
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Benriach The Twenty One

“A beautiful reflection of the landscape around Benriach. A real sense of mountain oak spice, fruit, creamy malt and elegant layers of smoke.” - Rachel Barrie, Master Blender At twenty one years old, Benriach takes on an elegant character, elevated by long maturation, four cask types and the combination of our unpeated and peated styles. The characters of aged bourbon, sherry, virgin oak and red wine casks intertwine to imbue layers of lush orchard fruit, toasted pinewood and a honey smoke finish. An exquisite and rare smoky Speyside malt.
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BenRiach 23 Year Old 1995 Cask 7385 Batch 16 Peated Olorosso Butt

Aged : 23 years Cask Type : Oloroso Appearance : Antique gold. Nose : Intense smoked vanilla, with orange and ground ginger. Pear and smoked applewood emerge with nutmeg and cherry tree bark. Palate : Apple and calvados fill the palate with waves of guava, acacia honey and sweet birch. The exceedingly long finish leaves nutmeg and roasted apple.
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