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The London N°1 Sherry Cask

González Byass has launched a limited-edition Sherry-cask-aged London No.1 gin, with only 5,000 bottles due to be released each year. The London No.1 is matured for three months in Jerez in Sherry casks that have been used to age fino brand Tío Pepe. The casks give the gin a pale golden colour, with “hints of oak and Sherry notes mixing with juniper”. The gin itself is made in London, with botanicals including lemon peel, liquorice and bergamot. It will be launched in 30 markets internationally as well as in bars worldwide. The London Nº1 Sherry Cask, is the product obtained by the distillation in copper stills of a maceration of its 12 botanicals in alcohol of grain and later aging in American oak casks that have previously contained wine from Jerez (Tío Pepe). This aging gives it a pale-yellow color due to the extraction of oak wood components. The gin goes through an aging process of 3 months in these sherry casks that have previously contained Tío Pepe for more than 10 years. It has an alcohol content of 43 degrees which is the most suitable for the best assembly of each and every one of the aromatic characters of the gin and wood. Tasting Notes: The London Nº1 Sherry Cask has a pleasant, fragrant aroma with notes of juniper berries and mix of botanicals, enhanced by a subtle touch of wood with vinous sensations. Smooth, elegant and complex on the palate, with well-integrated notes of alcohol and wood. Long and velvety finish.

Cocktail Ideas: The London Nº1 Gin ‘Zesty Pine’

  • 2 Large Ice Cubes
  • 75ml of The London Nº1 Sherry Cask Gin
  • 1 sprig of Fresh Rosemary
  • 1 slice of Freshly Cut Lime
Zesty Pine - a short, sapid sipper that showcases every flavour note the new spin from London Nº1 has to offer.
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Dictador 2 Masters Despagne 1979

This second edition of 2 Masters Despagne features a Dictador rum made from a single 1979 ex-Bourbon barrel, then sent to Despagne, France, for additional aging. The rum spends an additional 34 months in Selmer oak barrels, with gentle toasting.
  • Nose: Figs drizzled in Manuka honey dusted with bee pollen. Hints of oak char with sticky toffee pudding and well-aged dates. White peaches comes next giving a lighter fruity tone to the rich honey notes.
  • Palate: Oak spices platform a grape-driven palate that manages to balance sweetness and acidity, coating the mouth with an unctuous cola note. There is allspice and red cherries, which pull this rum into another dimension giving a tiny note of sherbet fizz at the end.
  • Finish: The extra long finish gives ripe red cherries, cola cubes and oak spices.
  • Matured in Selmer barrel, light heat
  • Time of Finishing : 34 months
  • Quantity : 257 bottles
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Dictador Parrafo I Fino Vintage 1999

Dictador Párrafo is a limited edition of vintages personally chosen and created by Dictador’s Master Blender Hernan Parra. This piece of many years’ work bore fruits in the form of a collection of excellent rums aged in American Oak with Sherry and Port casks finish. The superbness of the rums in this series is proof of the craftsmanship of the Parra family and their multi-generational experience. Nose: The toasted top of a creme brûlée, agave, bright yellow flowers, oak spices and hints of liquorice on the nose. Palate: Freshly baked rye bread, cinnamon spiced apple doughnuts and some leather tones. This has an earthy depth with a spicy undertone and fruity, apple-led top notes. Toasted hazelnuts. Finish: Bitter orange, rhubarb, and some notes of grapefruit. Aged: 23 Years Cask: Sherry Cask Released Total Bottles: 300
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Dictador 2 Masters Hardy 1974/77

  • Nose: Ginger snaps at first and a beautiful note of stone fruits comes through in the glass. This is backed by smoke, delicate toffee and strawberry notes, with a hint of grape.
  • Palate: The ginger notes on the palate set up spices of cracked black pepper and vanilla which give way to plums, toasted coconut and black cherry. These come back with another wave of oak spices before more of the red fruits come to the fore.
  • Finish: An oaky vanilla with subtle spices and some cigar smoke comes through giving a long and lingering finish.
  • Time of Finishing: 35 months
  • Matured in Limousin Oak Cask
  • Quantity : 971 bottles
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