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Kuroki Honten Nakanaka Barley Shochu

Nakanaka is the main brand of barley shochu from the well-respected Kuroki Honten distillery. It is the same barley shochu used in distillery’s well known oak barrel aged barley shochu Hyakunen no Kodoku. Nakanaka is aged for a much shorter period in kame, traditional clay pots similar to amphorae used for aging shochu. Underground spring water from Osuzu Mountain streams is being used.
100% mugi (barley), with koji grown on barley replacing malting and distilled at low pressure on a vacuum still to preserve aromatics resulting in a full bodied shochu with distinct notes of chocolate and a rich sweetness on the palate.
While excellent served with chilled water or on ice, to truly appreciate the complex aromas and flavors of Nakanaka we recommend to drink it oyuwari (with hot water) which unlocks a lot of the subtleties and allow the chocolate notes to linger on the tongue.
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Kuroki Honten Kiroku Sweet Potato Shochu

The letters on the label are 7 and 6, and the letters "Kiroku" and "Ki" are written in cursive. Potatoes, malted rice, and yeast are all grown in-house and brewed with the famous water of Mt. Osuzu. The nose has a gentle sweetness of grain, black tea, and strong, thick aromas. The taste is well-structured and balanced with good concentration and a lingering aromatic and complex flavor. When served with water, the flavor becomes richer, releasing the sweet, slightly roasted characters of the potato. When served with hot water, the flavor softens and becomes more well-balanced and rounded. To really bring out the mellow, earthy sweetness, serve it with a splash of hot water. If you prefer the clean, high-toned notes of black tea, keep it cool and serve it over ice.
Ingredients: Sweet Potato, Rice Koji
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