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Cockburn’s Special Reserve

Cockburn’s Special Reserve was originally introduced in 1969 and created an entirely new Port category that was fundamental to the success of Port and the Douro over the following decades. Cockburn’s Special Reserve is an exceptionally fine wine selected for its richness and concentration, from the finest vineyards in the Upper Douro and matured in oak casks for five years. This longer wood ageing gives its fruity and full-bodied palate a distinctive dry finish, making it the benchmark for all Reserve Ports. A garnet red colour. Cockburn’s Special Reserve has a youthful nose packed with rich and concentrated red fruit aromas, predominantly red cherry with hints of plum and strawberry. On the palate it's sweet, well rounded, medium length and with luscious red berry flavours leading to a distinctive peppery finish. Special Reserve is perfect served at the end of a meal, with rich, nutty or chocolate desserts, a cheese platter or simply on its own. Although usually served at room temperature, Reserve Ports are equally delicious when served lightly chilled. It does not need to be decanted and should be consumed within four weeks of opening.

Gonzalez Byass Leonor Palo Cortado

A beautiful Palo Cortado sherry from Gonzalez Byass. Produced from Amontillado sherry, this ages for 12 years before bottling to give a lightly sweet and nutty wine. A bright mahogany colour with golden tones. Aromas of hazelnut and bitter orange waft from the glass. Smooth on the palate, balanced texture. Excellent drunk chilled as either an aperitif or as an accompaniment to food. "A very elegant example of this rare type of Sherry, which combines the best of Fino freshness with Oloroso richness. Long finish with delicate dried-fruit and toasted-nut character. Drink now. Aged for 12 years in cask. Drink now." - 93 points, James Suckling

Cockburn’s 20 Years Old Tawny

Twenty Year Old tawnies are made from wines of the very highest quality, blended and subsequently aged in oak cask for an average of twenty years, until they strike the correct balance between the delicacy and elegance that come from prolonged cask-ageing, and the rich fruit character that lends these old tawnies their structure, freshness and longevity. Cockburn’s 20 Year Old Tawny is pale, complex and delicate with hints of cedar and crystallised fruits. Perfect served lightly chilled to enjoy with good friends. Cockburn’s 20 Year Old Tawny has a lovely bright amber tawny colour. On the nose with an amazingly delicate and complex bouquet of fruitcake, honey and nuts combined with notes of orange peel. On the palate smooth and polished, wonderfully balanced, with rich and warm nutty flavours leading to a long and lingering finish. Cockburn’s 20 Year Old pairs extremely well with nuts, dried fruits and fruitcake, but is also delicious with vanilla ice cream or crème brûlée. Serve lightly chilled to enjoy at its finest.

Cockburn’s 10 Years Old Tawny

Ten-Year-Old tawnies are blends of wines of the highest quality that have spent an average of ten years ageing in oak casks, until they reach the perfect level of maturity. They are, then, bottled ready to be enjoyed. Cockburn’s 10 Year Old Tawny has a bright tawny red colour. On the nose lively candied fruit aromas, combine with toffee, caramel, and honey. On the palate beautifully rounded, with delicious mature dried fruits and hints of walnuts and almonds, exquisitely mellow and a long luscious finish. Cockburn’s 10 Year Old Tawny is a perfect match to sweet pastries, such as apple pie with cinnamon. An excellent alternative to Vintage Port to enjoy with good friends on informal relaxed occasions. Will keep for some weeks after opening. Serve lightly chilled to enjoy at its finest.

Cockburn’s Late Bottle Vintage

Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Ports are wines of a single very good year that age in large oak vats between four and six years, until they reach an ideal level of maturity. LBVs are then bottled, ready to be enjoyed without the need for decanting as the natural sediment is left behind in the vat. They are rich, full-bodied wines with a smooth texture, mellowed over time by the wood ageing. This Late Bottled Vintage Port is sourced from the same vineyards that produce Cockburn’s famed Vintage Ports, namely the company’s own Quinta dos Canais and Quinta do Vale Coelho properties, both located in the remote Douro Superior subregion. Deep crimson centre with an intense garnet rim. The very high quality of both the Touriga Franca and the Touriga Nacional in 2015 sings through the attractive floral aromas, where a rock rose fragrance is particularly evident. The wine is simultaneously full and smooth on the palate, with typical red fruit flavours ranging from raspberry and strawberry to red cherry. There is a fine, peppery spice element on the finish, which shows Cockburn’s trademark grip. This wine is fully mature and ready for pouring as it has been bottled free of sediment. Late Bottled Vintages, as the term implies, are bottled later than classic Vintage Ports (the latter after two years). Cockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage can be enjoyed anytime and pairs wonderfully with dark chocolate desserts as well as semi-cured and cured cheeses like Cheddar and Manchego. In warm weather, try serving the wine lightly chilled, this will enhance the aromas and flavours. Once open, the wine will keep in good condition for several weeks.

Apóstoles Palo Cortado 30 Years

A rare and interesting wine, palo cortado starts out life as a fino, aging under a layer of protective flor, before going on to age without the flor like an oloroso. Apostoles continues this secondary ageing up to a total of 30 years, including some time in ex-Pedro Ximénez casks, to produce a rich and concentrated sherry. Apóstoles is dark amber in colour. It is an interesting wine with a elegante and delicate nose similar to an Amontillado with notes of concentrated fruits. However complex and intense on the palate with notes of caramel, mature wood., nuts and candied orange peel. This wine should be served slightly chilled in a small wine glass. Ideal with foie gras, mature cheeses and red meats. 87% Palomino, 13% Pedro Ximenez