Woodford Reserve® Master Collection Select American Oak

Woodford Reserve

The 2018 Master’s Collection Select American Oak Kentucky Bourbon has been matured in one specific terroir sourced oak – Ozark. This Ozark Oak was selected for its terroir’s fast-growing characteristics. Having barrels that share a common wood structure gives this special batching of Woodford Reserve a distinct nutty and sweet aromatic character that will remind you of warm baked goods.

Tasting Notes

  • Color : Peruvian Brown
  • Aroma : Crisp yeasty and bready notes mingle with soft oak, vanilla, milk chocolate and marzipan. Walnut, pecans and Fall leaves bring the oak tannins forward.
  • Taste : Soft nutty character and a sip of sweet tea bring a deep hint of peach and cocoa powder to life.
  • Finish : Long and warm with a hint of wood spice.
  • Mash Bill : 72% corn, 18% rye, 10% malt
  • Proof : 90.4



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Alcohol by Volume