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Juyondai Soukou

This Sake is named after a double rainbow, it is a Shizuku Drip Sake, made using the highest grade Yamadanishiki, polished to 35%, and brewed using ultra low temperature method. It is a namazume. The sake is described as juicy, fruity with a rich mouthfeel and excellent balance. This is one of the highest grade and highly rated Juyondai.
  • SMV : +4
  • Acidity : 1.1

Juyondai Ryugetsu

The RYUGETSU is a limited-edition sake made from the highest grade of Yamadanishiki rice varietal from Hyogo and is polished to 35%, carefully pressed, and matured in a bottle of Agefune Nanadaru Nijukan to provide the ultimate saké. This saké is mellow and smooth throughout with a lingering aroma of sweetness and extreme transparency, indicating the best of JUYONDAI in a bottle.