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Juji Asahi Shuzo Ororchi No Mai Junmai-Shu Clear Nama R2 (2020)

We used Koshihikari rice grown in Sada-machi, Izumo City. The aim of the brewing process was to bring out the "character" of Koshihikari rice. This sake is dry, clean and refreshing.  Its subtle aroma and umami flavour is excellent for food pairing. Recommended to serve at 5℃~15℃, and pair with sushi.
  • Rice Type : 100% Koshihikari
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 65%
  • Sake Meter Value : +12

Juji Asahi Shuzo Konarezake Junmai Ginjo Genshu Jujiasahi Yamadanishiki 21by 2010

A Junmai Ginjo, which is slowly and elegantly brewed with Yamada Nishiki, left to mature at well-controlled room temperature in the brewery to slowly develop its depth of flavour. A prominent depth of colour and flavour that cannot be found in a new sake. Deep in colour, it displays sweetness characteristic of an aged sake.  The right intensity of acidity also gives the sake a depth in its flavour. Recommended to serve at 15℃~45℃, and pair with rich flavoured stews and Chinese food.
  • Rice Type : 100% Yamadanishiki
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 55%
  • Sake Meter Value : +3

Juji Asahi Shuzo Junmai Daiginjo Jujiasahi Yamadanishiki Fukurozuri Tobingakoi Genshu

Yamada Nishiki rice is polished to less than half its original size and fermented slowly and carefully. Every drop was diligently collected out from the dripping back. It is a superb shizuku-shu (dripped sake), which is semi dry, crisp and refreshing with pronounced umami flavours. Recommended to serve at 10℃~25℃, and pair with light appetizers. Comes with a wooden box.
  • Rice Type : 100% Yamadanishiki
  • Rice Polishing Ratio : 45%
  • Sake Meter Value : +3.5