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Herradura Selección Suprema

Selección Suprema de Herradura is the finest expression of tequila there is. Made with 100% agave and time-honored techniques, it elevates the craft of tequila making to heights not found anywhere else. To achieve the perfect balance of cooked agave, rich vanilla, oak and dried fruit, Selección Suprema matures in American white oak barrels for an industry-leading 49 months. Extra aging creates a tequila of an extremely rich, dark amber color with cooked agave, spice and floral notes. Exceptionally smooth and complex, Selección Surprema has a lasting, subtly-sweet aftertaste. Colour : Intense amber color with shades of copper Nose : Intense cooked agave, spices and floral notes Taste : Complex balance between cooked agave, vanilla, toasted oak and dried fruit Finish : Creamy, smooth and with an enjoyable after taste
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