The beginning of Glengoyne 1820 – Safe from the reach of the law, George Connell begins distilling in secret at Burnfoot Farm – where you’ll find today’s Glengoyne Distillery, behind the hidden waterfall.

Licence to distil in 1833 – George decides to work within the law and acquires his licence to distil at Glenguin of Burnfoot. Our name doesn’t change to Glengoyne Distillery until 1907.

Staying true to tradition, every skill – every intricate step – evolves through hard work and long practice. It’s why we still dry our barley by air. It’s why we distil more slowly than anyone else in Scotland. It is also why we moved predominantly to sherry cask maturation in the 1870s, latterly securing our own private supply of this venerable wood.

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Glengoyne 12 Year Old

Lemon zest, toffee apples – and a scent of coconut. Hand-selected sherry casks help create this paradise of flavours and rich, golden colour. It’s the taste of Scotland’s slowest distillation, and our insistence on barley dried by air – never peat.
  • Colour : Natural, rich gold
  • Nose : Coconut oil, honey, lemon zest, dried oak
  • Palate : Toffee apples, cinnamon spice, ginger, orange and shortbread
  • Finish : A hint of sherry and soft oak. Very well balanced
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