Amiral de Beychevelle is the second wine of Château Beychevelle and sold on exclusive basis by Barrière Frères. The name “Amiral” was given to this wine in homage to the château’s 17th century owner, Duc d’Epernon and Admiral of the French Navy under Henri III. Clearly identifiable to Château Beychevelle, the wine is soft, elegant and fruity with excellent breed. With “Amiral”, the objective is to make a wine which can be drunk earlier than the Grand Vin.

Our terroir is the result of a unique, perfect match between the soil and the climate. The soil consists of Garonne gravel, on a clay-gravel subsoil. In addition, the proximity of the Gironde estuary, of which there is a fine view from our vineyard’s gravel hilltops, has a protective, regulating effect on the climate, tempering excessively high or low temperatures.

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