The name Almaviva, though it has a Hispanic sonority, belongs to classical French literature: Count Almaviva is the hero of The Marriage of Figaro, the famous play by Beaumarchais (1732-1799), later turned into an opera by the genius of Mozart.

The label, meanwhile, pays homage to Chile’s ancestral history, with three reproductions of a stylized design, which symbolizes the vision of the earth and the cosmos in the Mapuche civilization. The design appears on the kultrun, a ritual drum used by the Mapuche.

The label bears the name Almaviva in Beaumarchais’ own handwriting. Two great traditions thus join hands to offer the whole world a promise of pleasure and excellence.

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Almaviva 2016

  • Assemblage :
  • Cabernet Sauvignon : 66 %
  • Carmenère : 24 %
  • Cabernet Franc : 8 %
  • Petit Verdot : 2 %
Deep, intense and brilliant ruby red colour. The nose reveals delicate aromas of red fruits and berries, such as raspberry and blackberry, which are harmoniously integrated with notes of toffee and coffee, offering a refined and distinguished nose. The elegance of the wine is underscored by its round and fresh mouthfeel. Subtle, but present tannins frame the blend, leading to a vanilla and peppery finish. Complex and luxurious, Almaviva 2016 is a remarkably graceful and silky wine, faithful to its predecessors in style and precision. Barrel Aging: 16 Months, New French Oak.

Almaviva 2017

  • Assemblage
  • Cabernet Sauvignon : 65 %
  • Carmenère : 23 %
  • Cabernet Franc : 5 %
  • Petit Verdot : 5 %
  • Merlot : 2 %
Deep, intense and opaque ruby red. The nose reveals a generous, powerful and layered bouquet of ripe cassis and blackberries, interwoven with hints of mineral, fine notes of vanilla, coffee, black pepper and earth. Dense and full-bodied, the wine fills the mouth with round, ripe and refined tannins, leaving an overall impression of balance and persistence. Produced from an extremely warm, but superb vintage, this well-structured wine of balanced acidity strikes a wonderful combination of elegance and power, with a very promising long aging potential. Barrel Aging: 19 Months, New French Oak.

Almaviva 2019

Assemblage :
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 68 %
  • Carmenère: 23 %
  • Cabernet Franc: 5 %
  • Petit Verdot: 3 %
  • Merlot: 1%
The 2019 vintage defines a fine yet firm structure with soft but concentrated fruit. The wine releases many delicious, complementary flavours, from fleshy dark cherry and crushed strawberry to dense blackcurrant and ripe raspberry, then chilli pepper spice, creamy vanilla and gently toasted bread. A fine, intense, serious, age-worthy wine that’s accessible in its youth.

Almaviva 2015

  • Assemblage
  • Cabernet Sauvignon : 69 %
  • Carmenère : 24 %
  • Cabernet Franc : 5 %
  • Petit Verdot : 2 %
The 2015 vintage of Almaviva captivates, complete with its opaque red brilliance and powerful, complex nose. An alliance of ripe fruit and subtle floral aromas permeate before leaving place to caramel, licorice and graphite notes. The multitude of aromas continues with a sumptuous, well-balanced expression on the palate. A juicy attack of ripe fruit, such as raspberry, blackcurrant, and black cherry is framed by a broad structure with fine, polished, velvety tannins, well blended with flavors of vanilla and cocoa. The finish is silky, yet slightly mineral. The harvest of 2015 is an exquisite combination of complexity and harmony, a superb vintage to celebrate Almaviva’s twentieth anniversary. Barrel Aging: 18 Months, New French Oak.