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The GlenDronach 1990 30 Years Cask 9335 Pedro Ximenez

The GlenDronach 1990 30 Years Cask 9335 Pedro Ximenez  Each year our Master Blender specially selectes a handful of individual casks from the warehouses at GlenDronach Distillery, to be bottled as a GlenDronach Cask Bottling. With maturing whiskies dating back as fas as 1968, there is an exquisite selection of barrels, hogshead, puncheons and butts to choose from. Each Cask Bottling is bottled from a single cask which displays truly remarkable characteristics, the malt whisky contained within developed exceptionally during the long maturation process.
  • Colour : Polished Walnut
  • Nose : Pear brandy, menthol, leafy tobacco and field berry preserve.
  • Taste : Robust and herbal with notes of cocoa, cedar and birch oil.
  • Estimated : 695 Bottles