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Benriach Malting Season First Edition

EXCLUSIVELY MADE FROM OUR ON-SITE FLOOR MALTINGS Benriach ‘Maltings Season’ celebrates our floor maltings which lie at the heart of Benriach distillery, in production for over 120 years and the historical lifeblood of the distillery, built by our intrepid founder John Duff when the distillery was founded. Every year during ‘Maltings Season’ our dedicated team of craft smen malt barley onsite the old way using this historic floor malting s. The malt produced during our ‘Maltings Season’ results in a wholesome and creamy single malt of exceptional richness of character, a tribute to our founder and the slow craft of his historic maltings. FIRST EDITION
  • COLOUR : Barley gold
  • NOSE : Richly aromatic with barley sugar, almond fudge and poached orchard apple
  • PALATE : Smooth and rounded with vanilla and honeyed pear, with the lasting nuttiness of slowly kilned malt
  • ABV : 48.7%