Cockburn’s Fine Tawny


Cockburn’s Fine Tawny is a blend of young, vibrant wines from different harvests aged for an average of two to three years in casks before being blended and bottled ready to enjoy. They are lighter in colour than Ruby Ports and combine the fruitiness of young wines and the nuttiness derived from the maturation in seasoned oak casks.

A bright reddish tawny colour. On the nose Cockburn’s Fine Tawny has light and crisp fruit aromas balanced with a nutty toffee mellowness achieved through its maturation in oak casks. On the palate it’s elegant and well balanced, with a smooth and subtle long finish.

Cockburn’s Fine Tawny is the perfect accompaniment to rich creamy desserts and dried fruits but is also wonderful enjoyed on its own or as part of a long drink. It does not need to be decanted and should be consumed within four weeks of opening. Serve slightly chilled.



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