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The GlenDronach 25 Years 1993 Cask 416 Batch 17 Olorosso Sherry Butt

The GlenDronach

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The GlenDronach Cask Bottling programme has grown a dedicated following and collectors will go to great lengths to acquire these fine Highland Single Malts. This latest release is the 17th Batch released from The GlenDronach distillery and 7 casks, dating from 1990 to 2006, will be made available for Asia, Australia, NewZealand and Canada. Each cask displays truly remarkable characteristics; from caramelised dates and baked banana bread in 1990 to baked autumn fruits in 1993, manuka honey and cassis in 1995 and orange and ginger marmalade in 2006. The distinctive flavour and rich mouthfeel of each cask has developed during the slow maturation process. All casks are bottled without chill filtration for richness, at high strength and are naturally deep in colour.

The GlenDronach 25 Years 1993 Cask 416 Batch 17 Olorosso Sherry Butt

  • Colour : antique bronze with an amber hue.
  • Nose : sticky date, burnt raisin and oloroso soaked tobacco leaf give way to christmas cake and oven baked treacle pie.
  • Taste : sumptuous, mouth filling taste of baked autumn fruits with plum, apple and blackberry. savour the lingering dark fruity taste of blueberry, cherry and treacle.
  • Quantity : 663 Bottles

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