Podere Le Ripi Cielo d’Ulisse 2016

Podere Le Ripi

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Cielo d’Ulisse 2016
Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Curiosity leads to Culture leads to Sensitivity leads to Enthusiasm leads to Love leads to Magic leads to Universal Love. Because Everybody feels the Magic. Therefore, Curiosity is a Universal Gift.

– Francesco Illy

Tasting notes :  The best vintage we have had from this western vineyard. Its qualities start from the color: deeply dark but light at the same time. The flavor is really complex and the progression of different fragrances is endless, it begins with little black and red fruits, all surrounded by a vibrant and lively scent of fermentation. If you’re patient, such scent will be turning into floral notes like rose and velvety flowers. The taste is super savory and flavorful, with all the verticality and freshness typical of the 2016 vintage, with a very long after taste.

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