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Acorn’s Warhead 1997 19 Year Old (New Harmony)


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Volume 700 ML
Alcohol Degree 50.5%
Type Blended Malt
Brand Name Acorn Limited
Aroma Delicate orchard fruits strolling across a barley field. A nice yield of floral nectar and buttering aroma on the nose. Enticingly sweet while icy peppermint spice pushes in at a moderate strength. A nice balance of apples, fruitiness and cereal notes. Looking sharp but smooth.
Taste Feisty peppermint laying path for more orchard and stone fruits on the palate. Icy apple notes intertwined with the spices to form a nice backbone. Candy floss flies on top while malt butter undertone going lower. Nice delicate texture with a good balance.

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9 in stock


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