Dictador 2 Masters Despagne 1980


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A 37 year-old Dictador Rum from a 1980 single vintage cask finished in sherry casks then shipped to Despagne, Entre-deux-Mers, Bordeaux, France. The rum spent 6 months in this barrel, originally filled up with Château Mont Pérat Bordeaux red wine, one of the Despagne flagships from the family. Matured in: Francis cooper, Selmer barrel, light heat, made from a mix of oak wood from North East French forests, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Nose        : The dark ripe fruit from Château Mont Pérat Bordeaux red wine comes through as an overlay of brambleberries, dried cherries and huckleberry sauce over soft sherry- infused maple syrup and Madagascar vanilla beans. Truly complex, indeed.

Palate      : An overwhelming marriage of dark fruits and sweet rum, giving it layer upon layer of rich textured mouthfeel with tons of dried fruits and wine influences. The finish is magnificent and has touches of a French summer countryside fruit basket with rich sherry-infused oak character.

Colour     : Deep and nearly inky-bronze coloured rum with ultra-high viscosity and flashes of golden bronze at the edges

Matured in Selmer barrel, light heat

Time of Finishing: 6 months


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