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[Bundle of 6] Grand Bateau Rouge / Blanc by Chateau Beychevelle

Grand Bateau

Welcome to Château Beychevelle, a land of wine and legends…

Widely known as the “Dragon Boat Wine” in Chinese culture, Château Beychevelle’s distinctive emblem depicts a sailing ship with a griffin prow – a Greek mythological creature who guarded the cellar belonging to the God of Wine, Dionysus.

Legend has it that ships passing in front of the château lowered their sails as a sign of allegiance to the Duke of Épernon, a man of great political influence and power who became Admiral of France. This deep mark of respect gave rise to its emblem and name “Beychevelle” from the old French Baisse-Voile, meaning ‘lowered sails’.

The château has never ceased to amaze, both in terms of its wines and its exceptional environment. Consistent and excellent; powerful, fleshy and structured, the wines of Château Beychevelle express the elegance and finesse of the exceptional terroir. Made for cellaring, they evolve superbly over the years.

“Who said you couldn’t drink great Bordeaux every day? From the famous – and normally expensive – Château Beychevelle, this elegant wine consists of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, is aged partially in new oak barrels, and has luscious ripe red fruit flavours.” – Dan Murphys

Wine selections include:

  • Grand Bateau Blanc 2018 by Chateau Beychevelle
  • Grand Bateau Rouge 2016 by Chateau Beychevelle

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