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[Bundle of 3] l’usine Wine Set

Fine wine like fine art also elicits romantic visions. Vineyards drenched in dappled sunlight or candle lit caves. Grey haired British ladies and gentlemen describing the traits and aromatics of a given wine in the Queen’s best English.

Wine like art is raw. It requires years of hard work. It has a high likelihood of failing. It is subjective at best. It isn’t always pretty. Like art, for every good or great wine that is made there have been thousands of failures.

L’usine is the French word for “The Factory” It is an homage to all the Warhols of the world All those with disdain for the status quo of a defined or insinuated model All of those with the defiant nature shared by artists and winemakers past and present.

“Good artists borrow, great artist steal”
I want to be a thief
– Dave Phinney

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l'usine Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2017

l'usine Annapolis Vineyard Sonoma County 2017

l'usine Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir 2017