Almaviva 2015


  • Assemblage
  • Cabernet Sauvignon : 69 %
  • Carmenère : 24 %
  • Cabernet Franc : 5 %
  • Petit Verdot : 2 %

The 2015 vintage of Almaviva captivates, complete with its opaque red brilliance and powerful, complex nose. An alliance of ripe fruit and subtle floral aromas permeate before leaving place to caramel, licorice and graphite notes. The multitude of aromas continues with a sumptuous, well-balanced expression on the palate. A juicy attack of ripe fruit, such as raspberry, blackcurrant, and black cherry is framed by a broad structure with fine, polished, velvety tannins, well blended with flavors of vanilla and cocoa. The finish is silky, yet slightly mineral. The harvest of 2015 is an exquisite combination of complexity and harmony, a superb vintage to celebrate Almaviva’s twentieth anniversary. Barrel Aging: 18 Months, New French Oak.



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