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Cocchi Grappa Bianca del Piemonte

GRAPPA BIANCA An unaged, traditional Piedmontese “white” grappa resulting from the distillation of the scented pomace from Barbera grapes harvested from vineyards in the Monferrato hills. CHARACTERISTICS The steam distillation occurs in large discontinuous cycle copper steam stills. No aging in barrels is required for this young grappa. Clear, limpid with an oily appearance, it has the intense scent of the traditional Piedmontese grappas with hints of ripe grapes, pomace and sarments. Mouthfeel is smooth and flowing, with a sharp, fragrant taste. HOW TO DRINK IT Ideal after meal, Grappa Bianca can be served straight up, over ice cubes or as an espresso coffee addition. It is a perfect match with cigars, preferably Garibaldi Tuscan cigars. TECHNICAL DETAILS Alcohol content: 40% Vol Bottle content: 70 Cl
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Cocchi Grappa Dorée di Moscato

GRAPPA DORÉE Giulio Cocchi has been producing spirits since the very beginning – and Grappa Dorée has played a role in the company’s history. The unique design of the label recalls the style of the age when this grappa was first produced while suggesting its powerful character and sophisticated balance. Today named as a “single vineyard” grappa, it is an absolutely pure spirit, the true expression of the Moscato aroma with an extremely appealing length of flavor. CHARACTERISTICS Pomace from the best Moscato d’Asti grapes is collected into bags, then after fermentation it is distilled in copper pot stills. A reserve grappa, aged minimum three years in Piedmont-style oak barrels. Grappa Dorée show a bright golden color, as its name suggests; definitely intense aroma, delicate and powerful at the same time; a true expression of its original aromatic style; taste is soft, elegant, warming and consistent with the bouquet; the alcohol content is counterweighted with harmony and balance. A rare, 100% Moscato grappa. A full-bodied, unblended grappa. HOW TO DRINK IT Excellent after meal, best if served in small Art Déco glasses. Also a fantastic lady’s perfume – drops or spray style. Enjoy it chilled or room temperature. TECHNICAL DETAILS Alcohol content: 40% Vol Bottle content: 70 Cl.
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