New Bespoke Vermouth Created for the Savoy London : Cocchi – Savoy Vermouth Di Torino Dry


DECEMBER 2019, LONDON: Cocchi, the world’s leading creators of artisan Italian vermouth, launches their bespoke new Cocchi Savoy Vermouth di Torino Dry. This exclusive liquid is the product of a longstanding relationship between Cocchi and esteemed London institution, The Savoy.

Maxime Schulte (Head Bartender at The American Bar) and Elon Soddu (Head Bartender at The Beaufort Bar) joined forces to create the second edition of the Cocchi Savoy Vermouth di Torino Dry, bringing together their joint expertise, technical skills and world class knowledge to create the ultimate vermouth for the Savoy Martini.

“Cocchi were the obvious partners as they have an excellent background as winemakers which is a core part to any vermouth.” Declan McGurk, Head of Bars at the Savoy.

This brand new second edition is an evolution from the original Savoy Dry created in 2014 by The Savoy’s Head Bartender at the time: Erik Lorincz. This new 2019 edition sees Max and Elon increase the amount of base wine and add more bergamot infusions, citrus and Alpine herbs, leading to a dryer and more floral taste profile, and more unique drinking experience. The distinctive flavour of the new Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Dry gives an inimitable character to the infamous Savoy Martini.

“The goal was not only a great vermouth but one that would make the best possible Martini. We are delighted to hear that The Savoy suggested the Cocchi Savoy Dry be sipped as an elegant Vermouth but also as a “superaromatic” white wine to accompany food such as oysters.” Roberto Bava, owner of Cocchi.

Cocchi Savoy Vermouth di Torino Dry, Second Edition, has acquired “Vermouth di Torino” status, by the Vermouth di Torino institute. This places the liquid within the renewed and protected family of brands proudly upholding the GI. Everyone can enjoy the vermouth in both The American Bar and The Beaufort in a choice of cocktails; most notably the signature Savoy Martini. Quickly becoming a collector’s item around the world, a limited amount of Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Dry, Second Edition is also available from Malt & Wine Asia Singapore.

This vermouth is both exciting and challenging, and is representative of Cocchi’s leading role in the revolution currently taking hold in the world of vermouth and aperitivo cocktails.

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