Situated in Nago-city, the Northern Area of Okinawa that is known for its rich natural environment, Helios has placed high value on preservation of the environment and making the best use of Okinawa’s natural resources and history and dedicate to produce authentic and good products.

Based on the principal, Tadashi Matsuda, the founder, Helios Co. has been distilling spirits over 50 years and promoting the identity, culture, and know-how of Okinawa. This is why, company’s main theme is “From Okinawa to The World”!

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Helios Rum

Thanks to the semi-tropical climate suitable for the cultivation of sugar cane and therefore of rum production, Helios Shuzo -founded in 1961- produces rum using the best locally grown ingredients purchased directly from farmers. Mr. Tadashi Matsuda is promoting the identity, culture, and knowledge of Okinawa for over 50 years. This is why the company’s main theme is “From Okinawa to The World”! The Helios Rum is made from sugar cane grown in Okinawa. A mixture of molasses rum (traditional type) and cane juice (agricultural type), it is an extremely aromatic and characterized by the rich aroma and taste of Japanese sugar cane. "Helios rum" has a dry feeling like the shining sun of Okinawa and fruity eminiscent of a warm climate. Nose: Very exotic characters, with aromas of pineapple and hint of smokinessaging. Taste: Round and powerful with a touch of sweetness Finish: White pepper notes on the finish
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