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The Glendronach 26 Years 1992 Cask 183 for Southeast Asia Edition 2

Each year Rachel Barrie, our master blender, selects the finest casks from our warehouses to be bottled in their entirety. Each of these cask bottlings imparts their own fingerprint on the GlenDronach new make spirit, delivering unique insights into our award-winning house style. This single cask was selected and exclusively bottled for Southeast Asia.
  • Vintage : 1992
  • Cask Number : 183
  • Strength : 50.8% abv
  • Colour : Walnut
  • Nose : Hazelnuts, walnuts, dark chocolate, oak, earthy, caramel, roasted brazil nuts and vanilla
  • Taste : Rich burnt toffee, dark chocolate, cola, orange oil, hazelnuts, vanilla and coconut shell