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Starward Tawny #2

Captivating fragrances of raisin, dried orange, fig leaves and toasted oak drift through. A swirling of nutmeg, brown sugar and a rich dried fruit sweetness on the palate. Cosy spices deliver a slow and lingering finish. A rival to Nan’s fruit cake? Irresistibly so!
  • Aroma : Dried fruit /raisins, toasty oak, fig and dried orange.
  • Palate : Initial sweetness on the front palate, rich dried fruits, brown sugar and nutmeg.
  • Finish : Palate slowly dries from the spice leaving a well-balanced finish.

Starward Octave Barrels

Starward Octave Barrels is a single malt Australian whisky which has been fully matured in 100L wine barrels called “Octaves”. The Octave wine barrels, that inspired the name for this release, were sourced from Yalumba – a family-owned Australian winery, located in the heart of Australian’s famed Barossa wine region, and were used to produce their iconic Octavius Old Vine Shiraz.
  • Aroma : Rich, full bodied expression. Lots of red fruit, raisins, ripe peach, caramel and toasty oak.
  • Palate : Viscous and long, dark forest fruits, and a toasted oak backbone.
  • Finish : Toasted marshmallow.